TXL-CDG in Dec - Orbitz doesn't understand

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TXL-CDG in Dec - Orbitz doesn't understand

I have a PRG-TXL then TXL-CDG flight on Air Berlin on 15-Dec. Obviously those flights won't occur. Looking for some guidance though as Orbitz is totally clueless.

PRG-TXL is on LGW. So if I read right, that legitimately may still occur, correct?
TXL-CDG however is on AirBerlin. This will not occur, correct?

All that said - my ticket is issued on FINNAIR stock and bizarrely enough the TXL-CDG and onward to Chicago is listed as codeshare on American Air. TXL-CDG is physically AirBerlin whilst CDG-ORD is physically American Air.

Soooooo....what should I expect/do? Do I just need to wait for Orbitz to get the cancellation notice on that one flight and give me something new? Anything else I can do proactively? I've had two agents now argue with me and tell me that TXL-CDG is an American OPERATED flight, which we all know it isn't - so I'm a bit at a loss of how to convey this
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The advice given in your initial thread about this ticket still stands:

Wait until the flights are cancelled, and then Orbitz will have to rebook you.

AB flights as part of larger itin
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Did you try to call Finnair on the matter?
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Call AY. As the ticketing carrier, it ought to be able to clear this up quickly and likely has a protocol in place for AB.

AY may require you to work through Orbitz and that may mean a 3-way call.
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AY will probably reroute you PRG-xxx-ORD. xxx likely to be LON or HEL. As AB's final fate is still unknown, especially LH's role in it, they (AY) might not do it just yet. But call them.
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I have been in a similar situation, having an early November booking C2-C1, the first (intra-C2) leg of which happened to be on AB. The ticket was bought through an OTA and issued on AA (001) ticket stock; all remaining legs being with AA flight numbers on various carriers. I first contacted AA's hotline who told me right away that there's a policy with AA to reacommodate free of charge AA tickets containing AB flights affected by AB's termination of service. However, at first they could not make any changes to the ticket as it had been issued by the OTA. I contacted the OTA and even though I pointed out AA's policy they replied "We want to inform you that at the moment your flight is on schedule. The change of departure time upon your ticket is available only according to the fare rules.", which is technically correct (and that's the source of the problem).
I then called up AA's hotline again and that time the agent was able though her supervisor to override the OTA ownership of the ticket and apply AA's re-acommodation policy. They gave me a choice between two alternative connections on the same end-ot-end connection (operated by BA through LHR or IB through MAD, respectively). (great job, AA!)
So my advise is to call the issuing carrier's customer support, explain the situation to them including why the OTA from its perspective is unable to make any change at the moment, and kindly ask for them to re-acommodate your booking, overriding OTA ownership if necessary.
However, since your flight is only in mid December, you could also still wait a few weeks for either AB cancelling the flight from your reservation themselves or having AB's flights disappearing "officially" from IATA/the GDS. There's a good chance that something to this effect will have happened by mid November after which the OTA should automatically re-accommodate you (and probably also the option to cancel your ticket and have it refunded if you happen to prefer that).

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Waiting is a terrible idea. AB's demise means that capacity which the market required will be gone. The reroutes will become worse and worse, premium cabins will wind up in Y and seat selection will be the bottom of the barrel. Then there won't be any availability at all.

If you know that an AB-operated flight won't be available, you are stuck with time on the phone. It is best to have done the research yourself and to have alternatives to propose.

The issuing carrier, AA in this case, can always take over a ticket issued by a TA. It may simply take supervisory approval and mean a lot of time on your part. Yet another reason to never ever never purchase through a TA unless there are substantial savings or the TA has specific expertise which you require.
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