Checked bag lost at DUS -- advice please!

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Checked bag lost at DUS -- advice please!

Hi all,
Apologies in advance for the long post, but the details could be helpful. One of my colleagues and I were flying BA from the US to PSA last week (on an AA ticket). Due to a very late flight into LHR, we missed the connection to PSA and were rebooked by BA onto a BA flight from LHR-DUS connecting to an AB flight from DUS-FLR. We made it to FLR that day, but both of our checked bags did not. We filed the reference report with FLR airport, and I naively went off thinking we'd get the bags back in a day or two. I called the airport and BA frequently to see if they'd found the bag, but they told me that they had no idea where it is. BA is also very happy to tell me that it is AB's problem, as they were the last carrier. I have attempted to call AB numerous times - the only number I can get through to is their reservations agents, who tell me that I just need to wait and eventually file a claim for a lost bag, and they have no way to contact their own baggage people for more information.
On my way back through LHR last week I talked with the BA agent in the 1st class lounge, and she was able to contact someone in BA baggage who tried to trace the bag tag info. The baggage department told her that they have scans showing that the bag was loaded onto my flight to DUS, and that they think the bag is in DUS. I provided this information to FLR aiport for their "tracing process," but best I can tell, that involved waiting to see if the bag showed up at the airport magically in the first 5 days. Before they transfered the file to AB, I confirmed repeatedly with them that my bag is not one of their unclaimed/untagged bags. Once getting back to the US, I contacted AA to see if they would help-- the AA baggage people can't do much, but from what they can see, they believe that the bag was probably mistagged for DUS rather than FLR, and is sitting around in the BA baggage area there as unclaimed baggage, with no one realizing it needs to be handed over to AB. I did more investigation and eventually obtained the BA and AB baggage handling phone numbers in DUS, but neither will answer the phone. I've also sent repeated emails to both, with no reply. The staff at the main Air Berlin number has been completely unhelpful, and so I'm getting nowhere. But I really want to get my bag back.

So given that BA sent the bag to DUS, and FLR insists it never arrived, it seems likely that it is sitting in DUS somewhere. Since I can't get the BA or AB handling staff to answer phones or emails, and I have no plans to be in Germany anytime soon, I'm not sure what else I can do to try to get someone to look for my bag amidst the unclaimed/lost luggage. In addition to the BA bag tag, I had 2 additional tags with my name/phone number on the bag handles, so it shouldn't be that difficult to identify.

Any suggestions for additional steps I can take to try to facilitate recovery? as of now it has been missing for 7 days... I'd appreciate your advice.
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In general missing luggage claims are handled by an international service. On the receipt you did get at FLR when you reported the missing bag should be a file number and an internet address where you can check the status of your case.

This is the AirBerlin luggage tracing service. if you luggage is not found after five days you can contact them. So in your case you should write them an email

Sollte Ihr vermisstes Gepäck trotzt intensiver Suche nach 5 Tagen nicht gefunden worden sein, so nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt zu unserem Partner Baggage Express auf.

Baggage Express GmbH
Gartenstr. 52
12529 Schönefeld

Fax: 030 2016 32 827

E-Mail: [email protected]
In addition use this URL to check the status of your claim:

WorldTracer baggage claim Service
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