AB booking class for 'Economy Classic'?

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AB booking class for 'Economy Classic'?


I hope you guys can help me out. So i was looking to book a flight from TXL-KEF and back KEF-MUC in their Economy Classic tariff.

So when i book this flight on the website on airberlin.com which booking class do i get ? booking class K maybe ? according to this site


unsure which booking system airberlin is using

Booking in their Economy Light tariff would get me booking class Z (according to ita matrix) which is only 5 TP one way [NB: earning with BA Executive Club]. Booking in Economy Classic could get me to booking class K which is 20 TP one way [NB: earning with BA Executive Club]. So a huge difference.

thanks a lot

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When you search for flights on the AB site it seems to be quite difficult to find the selling class. One option may be to price up the same on itamatrix and see what the selling class is shown on there.
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This thread has been moved from the BAEC forum to AB forum as the question is about AB booking class rather than about earnings on BAEC.

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K would be the booking class for tourist industry bookings. Travel operators book that, but not you as an individual.

With AB, the whole system works a little different than with other airlines.

Booking class and the tarriff as such are independent from each other.

Your flight can book e.g. into E-Class, both as Eco Light and Eco Classic. So the booking class determines the "base price" aka Eco Light, and in case of Eco Classic +20 Euro are added to the segment.
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But you get more miles in Eco Classic, which made me think it wasn't dependent on the booking subclass.
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The only thing I noticed that the Eco-Classic tickets still give you different amount of points. I think all the way up to 1.5k (or 2k?) per segment in economy (topbonus point!). This is displayed in the booking site in the bottom (to the left for outbound, and to the right for inboud; sum in the middle AFAIR). The variation is quite big. I guess this probably depends on the booking class and is a weak indicator of earning with executive club (very weak ...). I never found out a way to see the booking class, as earning on TB is quite simple, and independent of the class.

Is there a chance to book your ticket with some OTA that displays booking classes? (I know, not so easy to come about)
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Actually no they don't (for flights booked now)

Eco Classic gives Eco Classic miles independent of the booking class.

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