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Topbonus Partner Flight Bonus

Some years ago I had the privilege to fly quite a lot with AB and thus got decent amount of topbonus miles. However, since then, I moved abroad and have been trying to find a way to use them for flights outside of Europe and indeed between TXL and other European hubs.

I found, that they have specific and comprehensive collaboration eg. with S7 airlines which does quite nice service within Russia. Once I had the occasion that I needed to fly within the scope AB reward flight mile ranges with S7 and boom, there was even a good flight for the exact amount of miles available.

But, then came the bad news. Booking an award flight for that partner service was not possible, even by the instructions and advertisements it could have been granted as reward flight just like any AB flight (and indeed, it did have also an AB code). When calling to the service center, they were polite, but could do nothing. Only their advice was that I need to come to Germany to book the partner award flight.

Understanding, that perhaps they have targeted their topbonus for pax's who stay in German city and just fly for fun or business, and use their rewards for the same purpose. However, the world is more diverse than that scenario.

When thinking about this, I can not recall any case where I had used eg LH miles to purchase a flight to Tokyo to Osaka for example, even when LH had a codeshare there. But, I think I should be able to use my miles globally.

Maybe there was just a bug a the AB reward flight purchase system, who knows. If anyone has any experience specifically with AB partner rewards, please let us know.
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