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mlqsko Nov 8, 16 3:30 am

Successful redemption via call center in english
There have been two articles on a rather popular blog about the lack of english speaking agents at topbonus call center. While initially it is a struggle to find the right phone number to call and how to navigate the menu, there are very competent agents who speak fluent english.

I had to call twice in the last couple of weeks to redeem miles for a QR biz class award and I don't understand german at all. Yesterday it was a female and last week a very competent gentleman. I called last week to check the availability and made sure to ask the agent how to successfully navigate the menu and the told me 1/2/1. Called yesterday to make the booking.

Here's how it worked:

- called +49 1806343333 (I used Google Voice 0.04eur/min), it will be all in german;

- first prompt is about the recording of the call or the feedback at the end the call, they ask to press 1, ignore this;

- then it's the menu, first question press 1, second question 2, third 1;

That's the agent you need to check availability/book awards over the phone. Ask politely if they can help you in english. Yesterday my first call was a female that kept saying "nein, nein". HUACA. Second call it was another female with perfect english.

She found the award space (matching BAs) from Australia-Doha-Europe, saved the seats, took my TB # and then wife's, calculated the taxes, took my credit card and phone number to call back in case of payment a problem. Told me it will take about 10 mins to receive the confirmation.

A little over 10 mins later I had ticket numbers and confirmation. Overall, it was way too easy when know how to reach them.

TPJ Nov 9, 16 4:43 am

Quite useful - thank you for sharing...

mylabel Nov 9, 16 10:48 am

Did the same as you did for 3-4 times and all the agents kept saying 'nein nein' too! haha
Think i have to try it again, What time did u call them?

They did understand what I said in english but they just didnt want to reply in english. They kept saying it to me in german which I understand a little bit but it couldnt help when it come to booking an award flight

mlqsko Nov 9, 16 11:31 pm

I always called between 16-18 GMT.

mylabel Nov 10, 16 11:50 am

Just redeemed my award flight via US callcenter number... It worked perfectly and got my ticket issued in 10 minutes! The agent was very helpful
Guess i have found another way haha

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