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moos Apr 1, 17 1:01 pm

Topbonus redemption issue - CS contact
Hi Everyone.

I had about 40K miles and tried to book an award ticket online and kept getting error messages. Finally called the AB USA number and chose the Top bonus option - after a long wait the agent politely told me that i have to call germany and that office closes around 1pm CDT !! I explained to him that my miles expire tonight - what can we do - he suggested i email the Services team and call next day. I did. I was told by an agent - oh your miles expired. I tried to explain - she flat out said - you had 3 years to spend and if you can not book online it is not my problem and disconnected the call. ( I am not making this up) I politely asked if i can talk to the supervisor she refused and disconnected me. ( and that call costed me probably $20). Is there a US contact for Customer Service ? Yes i know i had 3 years, but i was still within the contractually obligated period when i tried to redeem the miles ...
thoughts / Advise / comments welcome

SK2751 Apr 1, 17 1:57 pm

It is not a very deep idea: but what number are you calling? There may be a better chance if you call the Gold line in Germany (the number that should be on your AB card).

You might be able to call this number from Skype or Google Hangouts cheaply.

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