Travelling with Guitar on Air NZ

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Question Travelling with Guitar on Air NZ

My brother in law has just sent his $4000 guitar in to be repaired because of 2 flights he took where they placed it in the hold... one of them was June when we went from CHC - WLG - CHC... The extreme temps are just recking his guitar!

I sometimes fly with my guitar on UA, and never have a problem, they always place it in the cupboard at the front or back of the plane.

But ive never tried it on NZ... but when my Brother in Law takes it to check in, they say it "has to be checked"...

Any tips or suggestions?


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Air New Zealand are very stricked about there carry on bags rules on domstic flights and even if you got the guitar past checkin the purser will most likely get it put in the cargo hold. As space is very limited on the 737s as they have there *Gold pax with there two bags and the kc club pax and there to bags. theres even less space if you end up on the etops aircarft as they also have to put the liferafts in the overhead lockers.
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You might also struggle to get it past security. A CHC screener wanted me to take stuff out of my 1 small rollaboard because it looked too heavy. Never mind I'd flown 5 flights in the prior 24 hours with the same bag as carry on.
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Hard to get around it when they specifically mention "portable musical instruments under 100cm in length" in the Oversized section of the baggage rules...

And of course give precise dimensions for hand lugggage..

Such items are deemed as "one standard piece of baggage" and are pretty specifically listed as "checked baggage"...

Anyone found a "way"??? (Other than buying a seat for it!!!!)
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I have travelled on an NZ 737 once with a carry on guitar [long story - suffice to say I have no idea how to play a guitar], this would have been a few years back now.

At Check in they tagged it to my destination but told me I could take it with me to the gate. So I took it through security (no problems there) and I just boarded and put it in the overhead locker. No problem.

With NZ the only thing I have ever had to check-in that I didn't want to was a snowboard (And even then it probably was a good idea). If you have a legit reason to carry something on, in my experience they aren't likely to stop you - as examples I have carried on very hastly wrapped Royal Doulton stemware, oil paintings, a huge bunch of flowers, and once even a very large polish glass vase.

I also once remember turning up to check-in at AKL with a big bulky computer monitor. We taped a piece of card over the glass, put it in a plastic bag and sent it on its way (after signing the necessary liability waiver of course!).

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my husband has checked his guitars on AC and ANZ without any problem. they do not let you take it on the plane as cabin baggage these days, However it was well marked with FRAGILE stickers and arrived without any damage. Recommend a heavy duty carry case for safety. Perhaps the rules are different for domestic travel, but doubt you could take it on board in an international flight
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Also remember to loosen the strings if you're checking a guitar - otherwise the changes in temperature can cause damage to the frame. That together with a solid travelling case and fragile stickers should be fine.

Cheers, Zac
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