Industry “experts” on AirNZ

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Industry “experts” on AirNZ

Interested in comments on this. What got me was the Frequent Flyer “He used to be a Koru Club member but no longer subscribed because "it just started becoming a joke".
A frequent flyer who travels a lot on NZ and doesn’t have G, negating the need to be Koru?
I don’t necessarily disagree with Lounge sentiments although I generally have smooth runs, but don’t we deserve a better commentary on our Airline?
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I'm sure it depends on if Auckland is your home lounge. If it isn't then I have found them usually to be havens. Christchurch Koru is definitely one of the best lounges I have been to around the world. It may not have fancy showers or a champagne bar but for a domestic lounge it's pretty stellar.

The idea of FFs getting cheaper prices I found was an odd idea. I mean the entire point of FF programs is to reward the people that are more likely to pay their higher fares with non monetarial rewards to keep them, well, spending money.

Air NZ fight prices are ridiculously expensive compared to most international airlines, that is pretty true. They have a monopoly on the best flight times to the USA so if I can fly with them, I usually will choose to, especially once they start their flight to New York, won't even be a contest, and paying full business fare is definitely not cheap, but I don't think they are any worse than Qantas.
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Being a Koru member does not make you a frequent flyer. The Koru lounges that I experience (AKL Dom & Intl) offer much better food and beverage options than any of their North American counterparts that I have seen. Yes the Koru lounges are busy at times, as are many other countries and airlines lounges. Access is easy these days with pretty much anyone garnering access should they want it.

"But one area where it was not consistent was its pricing, especially for last minute bookings" shows his lack of understanding of supply and demand. If seat supply is low, price will be higher. Need to book last minute, expect to pay more, simple.

Business travellers in particular wanted somewhere quiet where they could access water, some healthy food and somewhere to work and relax. "Travelling is already hard enough on the body. "That buffet idea just means over indulgence." Sounds like a self righteous eco warrior. A buffet does not mean have to mean over indulgence at all, some of us who are frequent travellers will eat a full meal in the lounge prior to departure to be able to sleep as soon as wheels up, so as to rest sleep cycles.

Shane Jones sounds like a typical blustering politician, who has overindulged by the looks of him. Regional destinations with low population bases are going to be more expensive.
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You also have people like Brook Sabin who trolls the world every week on Stuff with his views. He is obsessed by Air NZ yet it's pretty clear from his posts and what he writes about that he's a very infrequent flyer who doesn't really understand the business. He's rehashed the same piece twice in recent months explaining how Air NZ could do better, and yet doesn't mention any of the things that truly are key to frequent flyers.

IMHO one of Air NZ's single biggest failings and something none of these "travel experts" really talks about is OTP and communications. That's a key failing for them and something they simply have to do better at. It's also something you simply don't understand until you truly are a "frequent flyer".

I decided to keep track of my flights last year and of my 76 Air NZ flights I wasted over 24 hours last year sitting around waiting for delayed flights. That's a whole day of 2019 I'll never get back.

On Sunday coming back from Auckland I once again struck a delay. 1700 departure with boarding scheduled at 1640. No announcement or delayed message showed on the screen despite multiple PA announcements for delays for other flights. At 1700 exactly I got an email, SMS and app push notification advising of a delay. About 30 seconds later they made a PA advising 445 would be boarding in 10 mins. We boarded then and that was all good but the lack of communication about the delay is the issue. Why does it take until our scheduled departure for a message and PA finally be made? All you end up with is people grumbling and moaning in the lounge while they wait.
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