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Originally Posted by Kamadan View Post
I see no "halving" of Status points, using the "current" and "previous" points calculator/look up table?

A simple search of:

AKL - WLG, F (Grab-a-Seat), still earns 8 SP
AKL - SYD, S (cheapest sale fare), still earns 7 SP

What I see different however, is the minor drop in Airpoints Dollars on generally the cheapest fares, and that the site now do "cents" on APD earn, rather than whole APDs.
Try Auckland to Napier - fares below Flexitime min SP now 4 - interesting since the email says that changes due to "airfare price changes" and it's rare to see Auckland Napier cheaper than Auckland-Wellington which has minimum 8 SP. Similarly Auckland-Invercargill 7 SP which is less than Auckland-Wellington and I doubt there are many Auckland to Invercargill flights available cheaper than the cheapest Auckland-Wellington fares.

Its a real shame that ANZ says that SP are related to price when clearly there isn't a direct correlation - most of us will see straight through this assertion and I for one am less likely to be loyal to a company that isn't completely honest.

I think it's poor that the website also only displays Grabaseat earn if you do an advanced search - many less frequent flyers wouldn't be aware that this is a different class not specifically displayed unless chosen in Advanced Search.
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Keep in mind a number of regional routes went up $5 or more just a month or two ago. Also some regional routes no longer have inventory in lower fare classes, meaning effectively another price rise.

Some enhancement, this is... I also wonder how the impact of credit card rate changes will also impact this. It will become much harder to get status.
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"refreshed" is the new Air NZ euphemism for "devalued".

nice bit of spin
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Originally Posted by libertyuk View Post
"refreshed" is the new Air NZ euphemism for "devalued".

nice bit of spin
Well they did win some award for marketing


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At this rate it's now a bigger contrast to understand status credit earn on QF compared to NZ
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I'm guessing this is an error - the new Business rates for status points for LAX-RAR is 0.

Economy Saver = 34-47 (down 22)
Economy Flexi = 83-100 (up 8)
Premium Economy = 103 (up 3)
Business = 0 (down 188; Airpoints dollars is 139.50-251.70, down from 196-272 - this is despite the cost of Business fares having increased several hundred American dollars since they ended the 767)
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From what I can see I'm actually going to be better off from the change as most of my flights on on Y Flexi or PE.
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My main route is AKL > PVG and all of those SP rates have dropped :-(
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AKL-SFO-AKL in Economy (one way S and the other G) drops from 107SP to 95SP. Luckily booked before July 1 for travel in August so should get the current more generous rate.
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