Flying Thai Airways & Status Points

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Flying Thai Airways & Status Points


I have had a look on the Air NZ Web site and from what I can see there are some classes that do not apply for Status or AirPoints (Not to worried about Airpoints)

Can I double check that I read it correct that class "W" going to Bangkok DOES NOT get Status points ?

Is there any way to find out what class I need to book in to get status points for this flight - Auckland - Bangkok

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From NZ Terms & Conditions
Thai Airways
Ineligible E, I, L, N, O, R, X
Travel outside of Thailand in booking classes G, V, W are ineligible to earn Airpoints Dollars & Status Points

From THAI site - eligible
Domestic THAI flights - C / D / J / Y / B / M / Q / S / T / U / H / G / V / W
International THAI flights - A / F / P / C / D / J / U / Y / B / M / Q / S / T / H / K / Z

Agree that Int W does not gain SP's.
By looking at Expertflyer & NZ booking site, it would cost approx NZ$200 extra ow to go from W to H class.

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On Star Alliance carriers, SP and APD are earned at the same time. If Airpoints are not earned, SP's are not earned either.
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