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Hi again,

Very overdue, but just thought I'd stick my head in and thank everyone again for their help and advice with regard to both seating and FF program.

I credited all my flights to BD, was made Silver, and have now status matched to BA Silver due to the BD takeover. So that was an excellent move and I am definitely going to enjoy the fruits of that on several European hops

Quick TR in terms of seating:

NZ1 LHR-LAX was definitely my best flight in terms of seating. I was in 58K and was definitely glad of the extra space at the side of the seat and enjoyed the new IFE. Had a wonderful view of a tiny bit of sun creeping over the horizon as we crossed Canada, and a great view of LA lit up as we came into land.

Being at the back of the plane was a bit of a disadvantage when it came to US immigration, and although we had arrived a little ahead of schedule the queues were very long. I finally got through, picked up my bags and was selected for a random bag check as I headed for the transit desk. Happy to comply and then dropped my bag off. Headed straight to departures security with a very long line stretching downstairs, but at least didn't have to queue to pick up a boarding pass.

Paid my $65 to enter the Koru Club after security and was very relieved to be able to shower, and then hop on the wifi and grab some food. The KC attendants escorted us right to the gate and I was therefore one of the first Y pax on NZ19 to RAR. Had a window seat which was probably 25K judging from the below, and found it fairly cramped and uncomfortable. However, having not slept at all on the previous flight I crashed out during takeoff and even missed the immigration cards for RAR that were handed out with drinks. After a couple hours uncomfortable sleep I found the IFE more limited but enjoyed looking out the window when we hit daylight, and had a great view of the west side of Rarotonga as we landed.

Flew that evening with Air Rarotonga to Aitutaki and managed to get seat 1A (I think) - the front single seat by the door. It was clearly a locals flight with people going home or to visit family, and I loved the kid sat near me who did a fine job of playing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on his ukelele. Great views of the island as we came in to land and I enjoyed the 'airport' with its exclusive seating area for Pacific Resort (again, I think) customers! Not used by me I hasten to add!
Again got a single window seat on the return journey a few days later, this time we took off to the north and circled back southward along the western side of the reef, so once again awesome views of the lagoon and motus. Loved the drinks and lolly service on these flights!

Flying on from RAR to AKL on the same 767 a week later I'd managed to snag an exit row seat and was very happy with the space there Got off the plane fast at AKL and was through customs/immigration and bag checked to domestic in about 10-15 mins. I think I spent longer waiting for the inter-terminal bus!
Had a great domestic flight down from AKL to ZQN with great views of Mt Cook in the sunshine, and then spent the next 2.5 weeks driving south and then north to AKL (ZQN-Manapouri-Invercargill (Stewart Island) - Catlins - Wanaka- FJ - Punakaiki - Marahau - Collingwood - Nelson - Wellington - Napier - Turangi - Te Awamutu - Tairua - Coromandel - AKL). Awesome.

Returned my rental slightly early and then paid my $55 or so to wait in the KC rather than spend similar amounts on food, drink and wifi. Brilliant to chill out in the hammocks and also have a shower. My only regret was not picking up a water bottle in the shops as I walked over to the gate.
The worst flight of all was the NZ2 return AKL -LHR. Nothing went wrong, it was just rammed. I was in 56 G I think, and 56F was an extremely tall guy who had clearly picked a terrible seat (for him) in the hope of getting an upgrade. The transit area at LAX was v busy but AirNZ have clearly done as much as possible to try and make pax comfortable, with food and drink available and asking for pax to come up in small groups to go through the immigration necessaries. Unfortunately this was a free for all and still required queuing, however the immigration officials are clearly used to exhausted pax and were very pleasant. Free wi-fi was offered but the number of pax using it clearly overwhelmed the system and it only worked intermittently.

Returning on board my zombie expression must have given me away to the flight attendant I passed, as she commented that I was clearly a through passenger. Fortunately Mr 56F had bagged himself another seat (I saw him at reclaim) and the empty seat next to me remained, although it was often used by one of the toddlers belonging to the family in the DE seats and row in front.
Finally arrived back in London to -2C, and a few weeks later, a $120 speeding fine from NZ Police. Oops!
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Good to see you enjoyed yourself xmassheep and thanks for the short trip report.
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