How many times have you been upgraded on AF/KL ?

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How many times have you been upgraded on AF/KL ?

since 5 years : 0
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OK, here goes.

Line 1: Segments Upgraded since 6/2005 (FB Plat)
Line 2: Approx % total
Line 3 in brackets (AF only): Compared to % 2002-6/05~(F+ rouge)


Long Haul
C -> F

Y -> C


S -> C

Y -> S



Y -> C

Y ->C

~: sorry I don't remember before 2002!

*: I was actually upgraded 5 times to S... but twice, downgraded again at the gate after all. Two of the remaining 3 followed missed connections/cancellations

**: One of the two followed a huge airline-caused delay and 24 hours of being stranded in AMS. New connecting flights that had to be rebought not reimbursed

***: Two of the four followed delays/missed connections. In typical KL style, two of the four upgrades were followed by the purser approaching me to ask if I had been upgraded and explain that as there were not enough c class meals I would get the Y sandwich (one of these two times, the kind purser repeatedly tried to offer more booze than I could absorb as an apology, which at least was a nice effort!).

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For 2 years : 0

I guess you re very frustated, I understand your point, but the best is not to expect anything.
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Since 2006 - zero - this year mostly flying 'medium haul' flights (Eastern Europe, CIS, Turkey) 52 skyteam flights YTD.

To be fair to AF (and Skyteam), all of my 52 flights have been on time (bar one), I am yet to mis-connect in CDG, and my bags have arrived with me (bar one).
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Only one u/g to Europe Select.

To be fair, I tend to stick to CSA (95% u/g rate as a Gold) within Europe, and don't do a lot of longhauls, so I reckon I've only flown a grand total of about 25 AFKL segments within the past 3 years, all in shorthaul Y.
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My numbers have really improved over the last two months, with an BHX-AMS, and OTP-AMS and last friday AMS-OTP. Although all to Europe Select. Before that been put in C-seats with Y-service on ICN-AMS once and AMS-BKK once. Upgrade for next week's MSP-DEN is in the pocket (but that's no KLM of course)

EDIT: Another OTP-AMS upgrade this morning. Spoke with the lead lady at checkin and she said these weeks they're upgrading on almost every KL-flight out of there, not only mondays or fridays. Asked whether a 4th daily rotation might be an idea but due to fuel prices that won't happen she says. KL flies their largest 739's into OTP.

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2007-2008 as PLT:

Only 2 flights in Z. 0/2 0% OpUp
2 short haul flights in C so nothing to UG to

KL short haul
15 flights. 4 OpUps (so 25%), 1 mileage-paid UG

KL long haul
12 flights
2 UG'd with miles in advance
4 UG with miles DoD at AMS
2 in Z anyway
0% OpUp
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just got an opup today on BUH AMS due to overbooked Y. 6 persons upgraded, 3 gold (AFKL or NW) and 2 AFKL Plats (including myself) and the last one had the same last name as one gold... I was volunteer for DBC perhaps it helped, I had a V cheapo promo => good value for money (especially since I got one of the only middle seats next to me!)

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So far until yesterday night : 0 in 3 years as Plat, travelling only short haul Europe
yesterday night , i was travelling back from HKG on a Y award ticket and then the wonderful bip at the gate arrived.....
Honestly, it was worth waiting to get an opug for a 12 hours flight. My first time as well in J long haul in AF. The product is great actually , better than the BA,GF, AA and IB J that i tried previously

But getting an OPug on an award ticket was the last thing thing i was expected, so never give up!!!

Arrival messy in CDG as usual as we had to disembark in the 777 middle gate instead of the front gate, ADP being worthless as usual ( especially compared with that marvel that is HKG!!!)
On the "first" side, the HKG AF lounge is great: huge; hot chinese food, haggen das ice cream,....I even saw seats in the lounge reserved for F customers.
What a shame are the lounges in CDG: i sampled for the first time the Business class in Terminal E, and nothing to write about!
I strongly suspect that they need to offer a great experience in HKG (and probably in others asian airports) due to local CX competition
After that, you feel ripped off as a capture customer when travelling from CDG...
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KLM in 5 years as Elite Plus - 0 upgrades
AF in the same time - 2 upgrades on Transatlantic flights.

CO-dozens of transatlantic- 0
AZ-dozens of transatlantic - 0
All in about 5 years
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In the last two years, from CDG:

- Got OpUpped both ways on a r/t flight to Delhi. It was in august, Y was way overbooked, and J was all but empty (they also upgraded the other eight people on my ticket...)

- Last november, Y to J on a flight to NRT, along with a status-free colleague on the same ticket.

- Three weeks ago, on a CDG-JFK, my favorite "classe incohérente" message came at the gate. Added bonus: I had a paid ticket, my girlfriend had an award ticket, but she got upgraded to J along with me.

- And a few upgrades to Tempo Challenge on intra-EU flights.

So, really, can't complain... upgrades do happen. Now if only someone could get inside the mind of Gaetan (-: ...
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Once, a few years back with Air France. It was a long haul flight, and neither my mother or I had status; it was our first time flying with them, actually. We were upgraded from consolidated Y (I don't remember the exact fare code) to an otherwise empty C cabin.

The sequence of events:
- We wait out the boarding line and are among the last to board
- The machine rejects both our BPs
- GA quickly types a couple things into his computer
- Two new BPs print, which he successfully scans
- He hands them to us and says, with a smile, "I reassigned your seats. I think you'll like them"

I don't know whether it's an op-up or one of those secret formula upgrades they have. Regardless, we've only flown C since, so it definitely paid off for AF. Anyway, I'm going to be Silver within a week, so I'm not expecting any more AF upgrades. Since I'm doing a lot of DL/NW flying, though, I'm hoping they might give some extra consideration to an elite member of a partner.

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Yesterday afternoon on the 330pm LIS-AMS KLM flight, I was upgraded. But, it was only because they oversold economy by 43 seats. So, sitting three across in Europe Select was not worth the Malaysian Beef meal that was served. Sitting three across with a sandwich would've been the same for me.
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about 1 in 10

Last year about 1 in ten long haul and short haul
as a FB Plat. These were independent of my booked fare.
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C to F 1(CDG-PVG) out of 20 or 30 in 3 years as a Platinum


Y to European Select 1 out of 4, and also 2 other pax travelling with. Non of them had status or even a FB card!
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