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Air France's rebooking policy: https://www.airfrance.nl/NL/en/common/page_flottante/hp/news-air-traffic-air-france.htm?_ga=2.60869669.82286185.1584471569-101309917.1487618201 KLM's rebooking policy: https://www.klm.com/travel/nl_nl/prepare_for_travel/up_to_date/flight_update/index.htm

Worksheet/flowchart for Travel Agents: http://image.email.bluebiz.info/lib/fe9013727c62017f75/m/4/575524f1-d29b-4548-b393-eb5ab0eee26b.pdf

European Commission EC261/2004 guidelines in context of COVD-19 dated 18 MAR 2020 US DoT Enforcement Notice regarding refunds dated 3 APR 2020.

Some additional information:
1) North American ticket holders can typically request chargebacks from their banks.
2) Furthermore, for flights that touch US soil, they may also file complains with the US DOT.
3) American Express in France and in the Netherlands reportedly refuse to open chargeback disputes for cardholders. Unclear whether other banks are following this policy.
4) At this stage, 14 EU member states out of 27 support amending EC261 regulation (which mandates airlines give the consumer the choice of a refund) for the duration of the crisis. Some of these member states have already suspended the enforcement of the regulation with respect to the obligation for a refund. Air France/KLM supports the proposed amendment.

Statement by 12 of these 14 EU member states: https://www.aviation24.be/miscellaneous/passenger-rights/coronavirus-twelve-eu-member-states-ask-commission-to-amend-regulation-ec-261-2004-to-allow-issuance-of-vouchers-in-lieu-of-refund/

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COVID-19: AF/KL rebooking/refund policy

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Originally Posted by yvrcnx
with most US flights being cancelled for the next 30 days.
Not so, at least as far as KLM is concerned. At least not yet.

"Zoals het er nu (12 maart 2020) voorstaat, houdt KLM het netwerk naar bestemmingen in de VS, waar passagiers gescreend kunnen worden, de komende twee weken zo veel mogelijk in stand"

If at all possible, KLM intends to keep serving all US destinations that screen incoming pax for the next two weeks.


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Originally Posted by irishguy28
Just rang the Platinum line - for the first time ever - and after a long rigmarole recording about Coronavirus, they then tell me that they are experiencing an exceptional number of calls, and to go online! They then hung up.

I can't change my FB reservation online though...
I think this is happening everywhere. I cannot get through to any airline, travel agent or hotel chain whom I had a reservation with.

Just check the Disneyland Paris website - they are advising people to ring back NEXT WEEK.
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Originally Posted by Fabo.sk
Does anybody know if the vouchers can be used only in whole, or partial as well?

I have a speculative trip planned for May, which I might or might not want to take... if I could then return it for vouchers and use them part by part to pay for travel as it comes, it would make an easy decision...
Of course you can use a voucher to pay for a ticket that costs less than the voucher amount.

Whether you will get a new voucher with the residual amount is another thing, though, and will depend on the terms and conditions of that voucher.
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What does this voucher consist of - is it a paper voucher?
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Originally Posted by tranmerechris
What does this voucher consist of - is it a paper voucher?
Mine was emailed as an Amadeus EMD receipt
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You get an e-voucher (EMD) to redeem within a year (can be used for any flight open for sale at date of usage). It's just a voucher number basically.

Just now there was no waiting time at the PSL.
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Originally Posted by yvrcnx
That what I am assuming as well, especially now with most US flights being cancelled for the next 30 days.
I don't mind if it takes a few days as long as it is resolved before our planned departure date which is March 23rd.
I have not tried WhatsApp yet, only Messenger. Do you think WhatsApp would be responded to faster? If so I'll definitely give it a try as well.
I messaged them on whatsapp on March 12th 7am est and have not received any response yet. So I am assuming they are not checking their messaging apps as much right now.
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I've been reading this thread and I still have some doubts. My situation is: I was going to Canada (routing through USA from EU) for a conference in June. Conference got postponed to November but I won't be able to attend because of the dates. Despite June being too far away regarding the waivers, I've been looking upon it and it seems that I could either ask for a rebook (if I get waivers for June) or get a refund-voucher. So, no full refund without penalty? Also, the voucher is a one-time-only or can you use until the full amount has been spent?
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Originally Posted by Reload
When I cancelled a short haul flight for a voucher I was told it is valid for one calender year, as in for a flight within that time limit. I don't think it can be used for a flight after it has expired, even if booked before that date.
Happy to be corrected if anyone knows differently
I can be wrong, but if the voucher is under the form of an EMD, it is the voucher that needs to be used before 1 year. But the flights can be later. Again, I can be wrong on this so it's better to double check with the airline.
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It appears that Spain has now declared a State of Emergency, so I'm guessing that a policy similar to Italy is not far behind... Thoughts from the community?
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If an 'avoid non-essential travel' advisory is issued we start to get into refund territory. Airlines have been holding out for as long as possible on this e.g. KLM issuing travel vouchers. Start to see advisories across Europe in the next week.
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I just cancelled a regular award ticket through the Platinum service line which was impossible to cancel online.I got the 50 Euros waived, and the taxes and miles ware being refunded. I also got a voucher for a domestic flight in France which I was forced to cancel. It was a 20 minute wait though, but that I understand.
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Originally Posted by Zembla
I also got a voucher for a domestic flight in France which I was forced to cancel.

Is it an Amadeus EMD receipt?
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I cannot see anywhere on KLM website about them refunding any ticket https://www.klm.com/travel/gb_en/pre...date/index.htm. It appears KLM will only give rebooking vouchers. I called Flying Blue PSL yesterday concerning my LHR-AMS-BKK April ticket. Which they will only give a voucher for to fly another time, which is no good to me since the trip was booked for this Easter holiday and I do not have time to travel for the rest of the year. Of course, KLM will not release a penny.

Under what scenario forces KLM to give a refund? Even if a flight is cancelled (such as now to the USA) they appear to be sticking only to the rebooking vouchers.
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If a flight is cancelled you're entitled to a refund under EU 261.
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