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Goldorak May 19, 19 10:49 am

Originally Posted by irishguy28 (Post 31116931)
But again, the OP in this particular case travels mostly domestically on Delta so no lounge access . Silver doesn't get security fasttrack anymore (to the best of my knowledge) and I'm not entirely sure that FB Silver/Gold get any meaningful seat fee discount.

And priority lanes at security in the US are a complete joke.

kmersh May 19, 19 10:58 am

Originally Posted by brunos (Post 31116816)
I might misunderstand your post, but I don't see what benefit you currently derive from FB.
As you have noticed, you need a huge amount of miles to get a F award. As you don't fly much, you have been hit by successive devaluations of the FB program.
You seem to mostly fly domestic and FB is of little use. If you were on DL SM you might get upgrades. And spreading your limited travel into two skyteam programs seems a bit strange.

I have a bunch of AMEX miles and unless I am mistaken, if I were to hold DL status I could not redeem for Air France F which I have redeemed in the past (via AMEX points transferred to FlyingBlue) and have always enjoyed the experience. My wife is Swiss and living the USA she rarely gets the chance to speak in other languages, so she enjoys speaking in French when flying Air France, generally the crews recognize almost immediately that her accent is Swiss, how they can tell is beyond me, but they can.

Also, as I only fly F when flying DELTA (I am willing to fly Economy on other airlines), upgrades are of little benefit to me and the entire SkyMiles scheme just never appealed to me personally.

I do not know a lot when it comes to Frequent Flier miles, but I know this much FlyingBlue works best for me because if I want to fly Air France F, I have to maintain some level of status to be able to redeem for F.

One of my best friends in Medical School is Taiwanese and my wife and I try and head to Taiwan every 4 years to visit with him and his wife, generally my wife earns enough miles from business travel that in four years we have 300,000 China Airlines miles for two business class tickets to Taiwan, so that is why I have this dual frequent flier mile system.

It maybe terribly inefficient and wrong (it probably is) but it how I have done things for a while. I more than happy to hear about a better way forward, I openly admit that I probably doing things wrong.

brunos May 19, 19 9:20 pm

Thanks for the clarification.
It is sad for you that FB does not have household accounts like BA. Then you could merge your family miles. I don't know if China airlines does that.

irishguy28 May 20, 19 3:58 am

China Airlines, Delta and AF/KLM are all Skyteam airlines. Therefore, you can earn miles on flights on any of these carriers into a single frequent flyer program, which (in theory) you can also use to redeem for flights on all of those airlines.

I don't really see the benefit of maintaining separate China Airlines Dynasty Flyer and AF/KL Flying Blue accounts; it may be easier to redeem on China Airlines metal using a Dynasty Flyer account, but the redemption rate you gave doesn't sound particularly beneficial or great in comparison to what a redemption from the US-Taiwan would cost in Flying Blue.

You should consider carefully whether spreading your miles across several accounts like this makes actual sense; in your case, you seem to prize having FB status the most, so therefore unless there is a compelling reason to also collect miles in China Airlines Dynasty Flyer, or in any other Skyteam affiliated programme, it would probably make sense to use only your Flying Blue account for collecting miles when flying AF, KL, CI, DL, or any other Skyteam airline. I would advise you to determine which programme makes most sense for you, and to run down the accumulated mileage balance in any other account(s) - possibly after topping it up in order to reach a better mileage balance that enables you to make good use of the miles - in the most beneficial manner possible; and then to focus only on your single Skyteam-affiliated FFP, and discard the other(s).

styleflyer May 30, 19 6:44 am

I am Silver now and it is quite useless.

fifty_two May 30, 19 8:05 am

Originally Posted by styleflyer (Post 31153093)
I am Silver now and it is quite useless.

why useless ?? useless for you ?? whats your situation ??

Deeetcha May 31, 19 12:04 am

Originally Posted by styleflyer (Post 31153093)
I am Silver now and it is quite useless.

don't you already receive priority check-in and boarding ? you also get free check-in.

kmersh Jun 1, 19 3:29 pm

Originally Posted by styleflyer (Post 31153093)
I am Silver now and it is quite useless.

I can only speak for myself here, but I find that for my needs Silver is plenty, however, I maybe an outlier as I need status strictly to redeem for AF First Class.

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