Identical tickets, different fares. Why ?

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Identical tickets, different fares. Why ?

Been looking to book a trip to Italy, for a week's break. Becuase the KLM website wasn't playing I went on the AF one. Two tickets 572.80.

Identical flights booked through the KL site, 494.80.

Explain ?
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happens very often. On many flights, AF and Kl appear to have quotas for the seats, which may explain different fare categories and prices.
I have that a lot when for example doing AMS-CDG for one of the legs, if it's a KL or AF plane, booked via AF or KL
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I've noticed that also often has different pricing for the same routing... (AF/KL metal)
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so will AF always be cheaper for AF metal?
what about mixed routings - out 0n AF metal via CDG and rtn on KLM metal via AMS?

does this mean I now have to check both websites when I buy?
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I always check both websites, sometimes it's the same price, sometimes I've had 150 euros difference where AF was 200 and KLM 350 for the same flights, simply different flight number.
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I've also noticed for long-hauls, EDI-AMS-CDG-xxx is often cheaper than EDI-CDG-xxx (and more miles/segments).

-- Henry
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I've also seen fairly big differences in booking the exact same route using the AF US website vs using the AF France website. Not sure if this is tax-related or just AF assuming that folks in france are willing to pay more than americans. I will sometimes book tickets for family in france for this reason
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Can you book flights ex-France from the US website?

It's very difficult to compare two tickets. The OP mentioned 'the same' but what does that entail? Same flight numbers? Same booking class? Or even same booking code?

Only when the booking code is identical the tickets are the same. Different booking code might still mean same flights and even same amount of earned miles...but it could for example be different in regards to flexibility. Which one pays extra for..
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