AF flight from Rio missing [merged]

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Why would the location be known, but not allowed for public knowlegde yet ?
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Originally Posted by HookTheBrotherUp View Post
I agree. Not just from satellite of course; the Navy has their own surveillance capabilities. In anycase, I'm sure the exact location is known, but not being reported to the public at this time.
I think that there are some gross over-estimations of the capabilities of the US armed forces and "spy" systems being shared here. The US does not track every plane in the air at all times around the globe. And the Navy wouldn't be able to "detect" a plane crashing in the middle of the Atlantic.
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has anybody thought that perhaps there was an explosion that went off?
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List of passengers nationalities

2 American
1 Argentinian
1 Austrian
1 Belgian
58 Brazilian
5 British
1 Canadian
9 Chinese
1 Croatian
1 Danish
1 Dutch
1 Estonian
1 Filipino
61 French
1 Gambian
26 German
4 Hungarian
3 Irish
1 Icelandic
9 Italian
5 Lebanese
2 Moroccan
3 Norwegians
2 Polish
1 Romanian
1 Russian
3 Slovakian
1 South African
1 Swedish
6 Swiss
1 Turkish

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Originally Posted by TrojanHorse View Post
this what?
i was agreeing to your post...that's why I quoted you.
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acarsd msg decoding?

Originally Posted by dstan View Post
This is all I could find on acarsd for Flightnumber AF0447 and that tail number.

Correct me if I am wrong, but decoding these messages can only really be done by the manufacturer?
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Let's remain wishful, and hope that this is just a live version of "cast away" ^
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Originally Posted by eeprofessional View Post
If we know the general area where the plane went down (within 100 miles)
couldn't we send it some subs to scan the sea floor for the wreckage?
FYI: The French have their own modern and very capable nuclear submarine fleet.

[The use of a reflexive pronoun was intentional]

Sympathies to the victims' families and loved ones.
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So sorry for everyone involved and all of my friends at AF. Another sad aviation day for all of us to share so thanks for being here.

Tellement desole pour tous affectes par ces evenements and mes amis a AF. Voila une autre journee triste a partager entre nous donc merci d'etre la.
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An Air France pilot who wished to remain anonymous evokes the possibility of an attack which caused the explosion of the aircraft.

Air France says that the device has experienced an electrical blackout. What are the consequences of such a failure on an airplane?

There are five sources of electrical power on board an aircraft. To get a total failure, these five sources must no longer work. When everything fails, a battery takes a transient and partial relay. A kind of wind is triggered to generate electricity. For the captain has no more ability to steer the aircraft should be that all these sources of electricity damaged. It seems quite difficult to imagine such a situation.

A lightning strike, as mentioned by the Minister for Transport Jean-Louis Borloo, could not not cause such a blackout?

I am not saying that, but I wonder how we can know that there has been a lightning strike. What is known is that there obviously was a strong turbulence and electrical problems. We can then combine both issues, but then to say that a lightning strike is behind all this ... In the history of aviation, no case is known today when lightning strike would have lead to the loss of an aircraft.

Brazilian expert raised the possibility of landing in the ocean. This assumption is realistic?

For the aircraft to be able to land, it must be controllable. And to be driven, there must be a little electricity. And if there is electricity, it is possible to send a message. Between the time you plane and when you ask about the water, it will take nearly half an hour. This possibility is unlikely ... In reality, what is almost certain is that we will never know what really happened. The aircraft was over the Atlantic. If it exploded in midair, there is debris scattered over ten kilometers in diameter ...

Talk about an explosion. Could an terrorist attack cause a general power outage?

Absolutely. A bomb may have caused a depressurization of the aircraft. In that case, the aircraft takes some time to dismantle into pieces. Similarly, it can actually be a big bomb that exploded, which would explain why the aircraft did not have time to send a warning signal.

source: Le Figaro
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Originally Posted by sxf2
The fuselage barrel is largely aluminum, though there are multiple composite structures. Construction is fairly consistent with other commercial aircraft of the same generation, including the B-777 and MD-11.
Thank you for the info. This does lessen the lighting strike cause slightly but truly a terrible fate. May the grace of god be with those who have fallen, where ever they are resting.
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I have a special thoughts for the passengers, the cabin crew and their familly...
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Gee! 'came back last Thursday AMS->MSP on NW45, operated on A333; going back next week MSP->AMS on NW46, operated on A332!

I've never encountered severe turbulence over the NAtlantic.

Why can't the plane simply NOT fly into such storms?
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Sad to hear.
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Oh please... don't start talking about bombs, terrorism, etc!!!!
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