ORY CDG connection

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ORY CDG connection

Dear fellow travellers,

I would very much appreciate your opinion in order to build a sort of "battle plan" if something went wrong.

On sunday evening, I have a PGF/HKG booked, V class issued by AF (not TA).

PGF/ORY : 18:50 // 20:15

CDG/HKG : 23:15 // 18 and more.

I plan to travel light (just a cabin roller and my computer, no checked luggage) and I need, theorically and with no delays :

- about 30 mn to disembark and find an available AF bus at ORY, and see the bus starting ;

- a 50 mn ride at the early night hours from ORY to CDG ;

- a normal 30 mn time at CDG for control and so on (already checked in).

That allows me 1h10 for unexpected problems. Weather forecast is not ominous.

I nevertheless suppose some problem may happen.

Tell me, as a Plat traveller travelling in V class, if I am right when I expect if I miss my connection (the only possible reasons being a late arrival of the AF plane, a breackdown of the AF bus or something this sort, I hope I shall not break my leg) :

- sort of lodging (quite sure it is the rule even if the delay is short, because AF issued the ticket) at CDG ;

- rerouting next day to HKG.

About the rerouting, may I refuse a rerouting with a non skyteam company and ask for a rerouting on an AF or KL number in order not to loose my miles ? what is the rule about that (six years ago I lost a whole bunch of miles when LH rerouted me on a non *A flight).

Could I have a hope for a sort of op up compensation if rerouted ?

Thanks in advance for these very technical answers I need.
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