AF L'Espace Premiere questions

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Question AF L'Espace Premiere questions

Trying to burn some Delta Skymiles we ended up with FC award tickets on AF. IAD-CDG-FCO, then MUC-CDG-IAD. Lots of questions, hope some of you have insight!

First, which lounge(s) will be available to us at IAD? There doesn't seem to be an AF lounge -- can we use other SkyTeam lounges (DL, CO, NW)? If so, which is most worthwhile? I've seen signs for an "International FC" lounge at Dulles also (I think in the C concourse?). Not sure if that's near the AF departure gate or open to us?

Once at CDG, we have 2 hrs, 20 minutes to make our connection. It looks like we have to go from 2C to 2F. How does this work - is it similar to entering the US where you go through immigration, pick up bags, clear customs, then recheck bags? Is there time/incentive to visit the Arrivals lounge? I've arrived in CDG a few times previously without having to connect but it's all a blur - a bus ride, a long trek to immigration, disinterested customs, then another long trek to the RER... Can one easily walk among the various C terminals or are the shuttles mandatory? I checked the CDG thread but opinions seemed mixed on this.

How is the AF lounge at MUC? Are there other options there?

Don't know when we'll get to go FC again, so we want to make the most of it. Thanks for any help!
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1. Unless I am mistaken, there is an AF lounge at IAD, and there is direct access from the lounge to the jetway
When arriving in CDG, you are entering both the Schengen area, which is a group of countries between which there are no longer immigration controls and the customs territory of the European Union. There are some differences in the way things are done, compared with the US
- you do not need to pick up your bags and re-check them. They are checked in IAD to their final destination, FCO, where customs agents will determine, based upon the lack of the two green stripes on your baggage tags, that you are coming from outside the EU and whether they decide to submit your baggage to a thorough search
- you need to clear immigration in the terminal you arrive in, CDG2C. You can then walk to the arrivals lounge in the same terminal (3mn), where you can have your clothes ironed, have a shower and enjoy a continental breakfast. I have never had to wait for a shower. Spending your time in the arrivals is a better option than in the departures lounge, which is usually more crowded. You should also keep in mind that the arrivals lounge closes at 2:00 PM.
- you should walk from CDG2C to CDG2F, which is the terminal where your flight to FCO departs from. There are moving walkways, through spacious corridors with a view on the tarmac and aircrafts. Total time should be less than 10mn. You first walk to the TGV station and then on to CDG2F where you will need to clear security. After security, it is a 5mn walk to any gate or the departures lounge.
3. MUC AF lounge
Unfortunately, I haven't used the MUC lounge yet.

Enjoy your FC flight to CDG, it should be quite pleasant
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Originally Posted by JOUY31
3. MUC AF lounge
Unfortunately, I haven't used the MUC lounge yet.
Yes AF has a lounge in MUC. It is located airside in the mezzanine level so it's usually a ~5mn walk away from the gate. There is'nt much to write home about this lounge -- the catering is not up to what it is in CDG. A good place for a free Bavarian beer, though
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Belated thanks for the helpful information!
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