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Gus06 Jun 3, 05 3:19 pm

Trip to Rome
My family and I have a trip to Rome beginning on Tuesday. We fly from Greensboro to Atlanta. We have to check in on Air France for a flight to Rome where we have to check in with Alitalia. We are flying business class to Paris and to Rome. According to Delta, they can check our bags all the way through; although, these are not code share flights.

I was wondering what to expect once we get to Paris. Will we have to clear customs? Will we be able to obtain our tickets at the gate for Alitalia? Any tips on what we might do to expedite this process. We have about a 2 hour layover in Atlanta and in Paris.

I appreciate your thoughts. I will post this on the Air France board as well.

ATLKarl Jun 3, 05 3:24 pm

They can check your bags all the way through - AF, DL, and Alitalia are all Skyteam members so it doesn't matter that they're not code share. One thing about CDG is that you have to clear customs and go through security to get to your "internal" flight. I flew in Business Elite from Rome to Atlanta through Paris and b/c of delays on the first flight (Alitalia) an Air France agent met us at the top of the gate and rushed us on the tarmac to our next flight... which then got delayed an hour b/c of mechanical problems.

Good luck at CDG

JOUY31 Jun 3, 05 3:37 pm


You do need to clear immigration.

You do not need to clear customs (except for carry ons, but you will probably just go through the Nothing to declare queue) . Your baggage will be checked through to Rome, where customs agents, looking at your luggage tags without two green stripes, can determine that you come from outside the European Union and choose to submit you (or not) to a customs inspection.

Enjoy your flight :)

slawecki Jun 4, 05 8:16 am

I don't know where you hid your other post, but consider east west europe, for a place.

CDG is not a user friendly airport. It is very easy to go through customs during the transfer. My wife and I do it all the time. We end up lost, on the outside, and have to come back in. I do not know where or how we get outside, but coming back in requires showing tickets and passport.

You probably will get tickets all the way through in Greesnboro, and if not, then probably in atlanta.

You may not have the posted flight number for CDG-FCO on your tickets. This may be an AF-AZ code share, and the ticket will have the AZ number, and the posting will have the AF, or vice versa. If you are confused, ask at the AF transit desk. Flying to the V cities in Italy is very confusing, as the french spelling of the cities is used, and I cannot tell verona from venice from Vxxxxx.

Falco Peregrinus Jun 4, 05 8:46 am

Originally Posted by slawecki
Flying to the V cities in Italy is very confusing, as the french spelling of the cities is used.

Hmmm... How about Monaco (di Baviera :D )? Genova (aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo)?

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