FP Bleu Status Worth It?

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FP Bleu Status Worth It?

While I'm usually a loyal *A customer, my employer's policy of booking me on the cheapest flights available (and the lack of *A services to West Africa) has recently made me take AF quite a bit. Now I'm within range of FP Bleu status this year and am wondering whether I should go out of my way to qualify. As I never really received a comprehensive booklet on FP, I'm wondering what the benefits of Bleu status are, and how it compares with, say, *A Silver. Any insights would be most appreciated.
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AF F+ Blue cannot be compared to any elite status on an other alliance; no lounge access, no real recognition. However, on very worthwhile advantage, is a 50% bonus miles on each flight. You can also check-in in business class, and pre-reserve your seat, although this is not very effective.

If you are going to continue traveling AF next year the 50% bonus is well worth it as AF are quite generous on miles especialy on cheap tickets (except within France).

And with the new business and 1st class, and their regular 2 for 1 promo, you will soon be able to offer yourself and loved one a nice holiday.

For the oficial version look up the AF site, Frequente flyer programs - Fréquence Plus - more info - Club benefits
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AF Bleu almost seems better than Star Silver. The ONLY benefit of Star Silver is priority boarding (hit and miss especially in Europe). They don't even get priority check-in.
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Lavasushi - what I was really referring to was LH FTL status, which gets you a 25% bonus, business-class check-in, and access to the airline's own business lounges. To me, FP Bleu seems better in terms of milage acrual, a tie with regards to check-in benefits and worse in terms of lounge access. The latter is really a pity, I do appreciate the lounge access at LH's hubs.
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I think Bleu is worth it. When I was Bleu, besides getting the 50% and the Biz class check-in, I "upgraded" to Tempo Challenge on inter-European flights more times than not.

No real difference in seating (you do get champagne though on occasion) but you do get lounge access.

[Edited to add] Arnur, F+ Rouge is only 15k more miles since you live outside of France. Any chance of you getting an extra 15k by end of year?

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Thank you, dctorres, let's see how much more I can use AF this year. Unfortunately, I only started flying Skyteam at the end of June and most of my long-distance flights were in the first part of the year. For my intro-European flights, mostly to Southeastern Europe, AF is not really an option. There might be a flight to MNL in December, but the connection at CDG is poor (need to stay overnight).
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They have been quite generous to me on upgrades on short-haul and domestic flights. The 50 per cent bonus is probably only worth it if you do a lot of long-haul flights (which I don't at the moment). However, to get there I didn't realise that all Skyteam activities counted. A number of Air France people, in their unbelievable ignorance, said that you only get there by flying "Air France pure".
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I agree with the comments made by Bungus and dctorres above: I think Bleu is worth it just for the Biz check-in and the 50% mileage bonus (and mileage is accrued on almost any fare).
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