lost baggage - again!

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lost baggage - again!

I am just back from a flight on DL/AF taking me from TXL via CDG to JFK for a one day stop over and then on to LAX.
On my arrival in JFK (Thursday) one of my suitcases was missing. They had no report about it, took my details and promised to call me once they found it. I called them Friday night and they told me that they had found my suitcase and would Fedex it to me. Monday afternoon I got my suitcase delivered.

I am quite unhappy about it especially as this is now the 5th time in row and this time I was without my suitcase for 4 days! What is the general compensation I could ask for and as I was on a DL ticket but on AF flight should I complain to DL or AF?

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About lost bagages... I found CDG to be particularly horrendous! I can't even count the number of times my luguages haven't gotten to my final destination! My philosophy is that as long as they get it to me eventually I don't care... That's why I always travel with a carry on that allows me to survive for a couple of days...
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I would probably send it to both -- but expect DL to act on it. AF will most likely tell you that it is a DL ticket, so they can't do anything about it.

If you are based in the US, I would send a letter to either:
Air France Baggage Service
P.O. Box 459000
Sunrise, FL 33345-9000
Fax. (954) 835-3248

or call (800) 873-2247.


Air France Customer Relations
P.O. Box 459000
Sunrise, FL 33345-9000
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I agree with your disappointment and I will give my contribution to this topic clueing you in about my experience.
They lost my luggage (especially on connection flights) more than once this year: in May I've got my bag locked up with a locker that didn't belong to me (probably two or more bags had been opened at the same time) and in June I've got my bag returned home with some belongings missing!
I've posted my theft denunciation more than one month ago to AF customer service and I'm still waiting for an answer.
What is new Terminal 2E worth for? A larger amount of stuff to be missed and stoled?

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My bags have been lost by Air France as well. I was traveling on a DL award ticket in L'Espace Affaires. Wrote a scathing letter to DL and CC'd to Air France. About 8wks later I was reimbursed 50% of my expenses for clothes etc while my bags were lost. They said that 50% is customary. And then when I finally got my bag back, it was damaged. And I had to jump through other hoops for that...
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They recently lost mine on a connection to Milan Malpensa, my bag didnt come until the next day and I was told that I would be reimbursed if I sent in receipts. My expenses totaled about $75 and they never mentioned that it would only be 50% compensation, I expect a full refund as I was told. Is this going to be unrealistic, basically Ill only get 50%? Any ideas?? Does it depend on class of service?

How long does it take to hear back from the Sunrise, FL office?

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I too have had major luggage issues with Air France. I was connecting in CDG from Czech Air from Prague to an Air France flight to Atlanta. I was travelling Business Class. When I arrived in Atlanta the agent told me that both of my bags were missing, but one did eventually show up on the flight. The other bad was lost in Terminal 2E in CDG.

I received it 24 hours later. The Delta agent that helped me locate the bag had every excuse why it was missing.
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a pain

I have luggage problems on approximately a flight on two or three. It
becames a true obsession but I believe that it is not really related to
the airline companies. All have problems Air France, Swiss, Lufthansa,
BA etc etc. I now hesitate to put a luggage in compartment even over
a long haul flight by saying to me that I will on destination buy what I need.
With the return, if it is lost, it is less awkward. It is a true
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Should I expect full compensation or just 50%?
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My aunt also lost her baggage at CDG flying on Continental from Newark to Lyon with a connection onto AF to Lyon. It took about 4 days till she finally received her bag in Montpelier.
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I have a long experience of delayed baggage at CDG, both on DL and AF metal.

This are the rules:

1) The metal you are flying settles who's responsible for your baggage. i.e. flying on AF with a DL ticket, you complain to AF.

2) If baggage is delayed on the outbound flight (i.e. flying away from your place of residence), you are entitled to full refund for "documented" "necessary" expenses. "documented" means you've gotta have dated receipts, "necessary" depends on how long the delay is. I managed to have a tie and a purse refunded. Less exotic items like toothpaste or a shirt undergo less scrutiny.
When baggage is delayed on the inbound flight, one is not entitled to anything.
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40% Chance at best

When I connect via CDG from AF to AF, my bags make it about 40% of the time. When I have a straightforward AF non-stop flight my odds go up to 60%.
AF has lost so many bags, I've stopped counting. What kills me the most is how long it takes them to eventually get it to me. UA and LH rarely lose my bags and when they do, I almost ALWAYS get them back within 24 hours. If there is ever a time when you should travel carry on only its with AF.

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luggage lost

Again... from SBX to FLR, and again and again ! It's a pity.
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The guy delivering the Air France lost bags had to come out to our place so many times that we became pals.
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AF has lost my bags about 50% of the time connecting through CDG!
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