Air France Not So Bad

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Air France Not So Bad

I know this is heresy (well OK--I know Merry despises AF ground staff and will tolerate their inflight service) but I thought I'd post this anyway.

I flew on an AF Airbus A340 to and from Africa over the last couple of weeks and the service was good.

Seats in econo were equipped with in-seat TV and choice of up to 8 simultaneously running movies plus selected short features plus games.

Food was good, although on the flight down, the food was a bit cool. Lots of free drinks and with an uncrowded plane, econo was OK (4 seats to myself). Unfortunately, only two seats can be occupied at once as the center aisle divider does not lift up, only the seat divider armrests separating each pair of seats in the middle section.

FAs were efficient, friendly and came through the cabin regularly.

Just like to buck the trend of thinking occasionally. Talked to some communications techs that had come in on DL and AF flights from NYC via CDG and they said they hated the DL flight but loved the AF flight in econo. So it is not just me (well I didn't love the AF flight but it was quite good).

Check in was somewhat cold but otherwise staff were pleasant. Frequent flyer points posted within a week. Flights were on time. What more could you ask for in econo?

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No reason not to mention when thinks are going the right way. It is just rare with AF, but it happens sometimes.
I must admit that I am much quicker to notice the problems that the good points when I fligh with them.
We need balanced comments, thanks
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From my personal experience, I have found AF to be professional and efficient, if not overly friendly.

Personally, I do not expect "friendliness" from any airline staff (maybe this is an American thing FRIENDLINESS = GOOD SERVICE and I am not American). What I do expect is COURTESY and PROFESSIONALISM.

Most of my travels with AF have been intra-europe, Paris to London or Madrid. I can say that I have been very satisfied with them and have found the cabin crew to be sharp, professional and efficient. I will even go so far as saying that they are more consistent than any US carriers. With Us carriers inflight service is a "hit or miss". One flight you have this wonderful and exceptional crew and the next is mediocre at best. In addition, at the risk of generalizing, I have noticed that some US flight attendants tend to be a bit impatient with non-English speaking passengers (I am talking as an observer), with certain carriers being worse offenders than others.
Now, I am not implying that these scenarios do not happen in AF or any other carrier, but it has just been my experience that they are more noticeable when flying US carriers.
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It's not the inflight service that is a problem. In general they are good. I've flown intra europe in Economy and long-haul in business and first. In general inflight service is very good. But the ground service sometimes is a nightmare. Rude check-ins, not registering miles, bumping from lounges, not taking good care of lugage and saying that you've got an aisle seat and on board it appears that you got a different seat. As they say in their commercial "Making the Sky the best place on earth" but you could add " and making the ground like a real hell".


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As much as it pains me to admit this I flew AF a couple of weeks ago, I was actually booked on another carrier, but AF accepted my Business Class ticket without endorsement, at the checkin desk about 30 minutes before departure.

It did take some explanation, and an employee meeting had to take place, but they did do it in the end - which is a first in my experience of AF.

There was only one snag, I checked in with my boss, who they checked into an A seat and me into an F seat on the same row, despite their being no-one in the seats between us - the logic of this defies me, but for AF this isn't bad.

Of course the miles haven't shown yet either.

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I normally start claiming missing miles upon return of the trip, because registering miles is done with famous french precision. Obtaining the miles takes some time, but normally is done without problem. It's just like booking a ticket to me (standard procedure). btw I claim DL miles always!

Stay on top of it! Last Friday I pre-registered for 16 flights with AF and they were actually promising to do a better job in the future. And were even very nice to me! Who knows they are improving their services.


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