AF's plans to sue CO over Concorde Crash

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AF's plans to sue CO over Concorde Crash

I keep checking this forum for any sort of reaction to the news in re: Air France's plans to sue Continental over the airplane part that fell off of its CDG flight.

So far, nothing.

I fundamentally understand AF's position that CO should be responsible, but wasn't the original intent of an airline's being absolutely responsible for pieces that may fall off designed more for, say, an engine coming off and falling on someone's home? Not for something that fell off an airplane, sat there for who knows how long, and then another aircraft rolling over it and because of that airplane's poor design causing that aircraft to crash?

Analogy: I drop a pencil on the floor without realising it. No damage done. A week later someone who isn't watching where he's walking slips on the pencil and bruises his backside.

There is a degree of difference, I believe, between an engine falling on someone's home and piece of the aircraft falling off and just sitting there on the runway for an indefinite amount of time.

Out of curiosity, any thoughts out there?
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excellent points made....pros and cons on either side...from what i've heard (via "pprune"..a pilots web-site) is that the piece that fell off had been attached with the wrong types of rivets...if true (and this only a RUMOR)...then this puts it into a different ballpark
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