Help Needed: Delayed Baggage from YVR to CDG

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Help Needed: Delayed Baggage from YVR to CDG

Fellow Flyers,

After decades of flying, I am experiencing my first "delayed baggage" situation on my business class flight from Vancouver (YVR) to Paris (CDG). Despite flying directly, my bag was stuck in YVR as confirmed by my Apple AirTag. On landing and approaching the carousel, I immediately filed a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with the staff at the baggage area.

The next day (this morning), my AirTag showed the bag crossing the Atlantic. Now, it seems to be somewhere near Le Kube at CDG. This is crucial as I need the bag for a conference in two days.

It's been 32 hours since my PIR filing, and the tracking updates are conflicting. While WorldTracer shows "TRACING CONTINUES. PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER", Air France's own tracker says the bag was "located" and has "arrived at the destination" (see below).

Given my busy conference schedule, I haven't called them about the discrepancy yet. I'm simultaneously hopeful and apprehensive, trying not to get overwhelmed under the horror stories shared on Reddit and FT. I would appreciate any guidance on how to proceed. Should I be pushing for more action from the airline or hold out hope that my bag will find its way to me soon?

Any advice or shared experiences would be appreciated.

The "Follow my bag" page from Air France:

P.S. They also suggested I grab some essentials, promising to recompense me up to 100 EUR. That seems a little low to me, as a few t-shirts and underwear already exceeded that quite handily.
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There isn't a hard cap on the remboursements, so don't worry about 100 EUR (don't know where that came from) especially given it's been multiple days on an intercontinental trip. Keep all the tickets though, for submission.

Honestly, calling or pushing more won't make your bag arrive faster. If it's been located and you provided a valid forwarding address on Worldtracer, it'll get there. That's been my (numerous) experience.

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This is a fairly typical case of delayed baggage. While it's distressing to be separated from your bag, no amount of calling or emailing will help. Once the bag is with the courier, it's just a matter of waiting for it to be shipped out. Until then, just purchase the necessary replacements and keep all receipts. Some airlines might mention some arbitrary limit to customers, but it doesn't override their obligations under the Montreal Convention which caps their liability at ~$1700 USD. As long as you can show your purchases were necessary and made in good faith, you should be reimbursed.

The only time you can help yourself (that I can think of), is when the bag arrives at the destination airport and ends up in a pile of delayed bags, waiting to be processed. Much easier with AirTags, of course. If you can get hold of the handling agent at the airport, in many cases they'd be happier to let you pick it up yourself.
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Thanks everyone, I got my baggage a day later and the conference went fine. But definitely was quite the stressful situation at the time. I am now in the process of claiming 144 EUR of items (I bought a couple t-shirts and underwear because I didn't know how delayed the bag would be, along with some sunscreen and toothpaste).
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