Item left on Air France plane CDG-ORD

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Item left on Air France plane CDG-ORD

Hi all,

I seem to be having great luck on my trip, I left my Nintendo Switch on my flight landing at ORD, There was a little cubby hole with a door under the IFE screen. I thought I checked everywhere before I left the plane but as the door was closed, I completely missed the little door compartment (no wonder it says no stowage!). Next time I'll check my bag for my belongings rather than scanning the seat.

Air France keep directing me to their site which in turn says to contact ORD lost and found. The issue is that ORD doesn't have a lost and found and it redirects me to call Air France back again! No one I spoke to made a claim for me and I was given about 12 different numbers to call after each person said they couldn't help. I went to the check in desk at ORD but it has not been handed in and they said it may have been taken back to CDG as the plane had a fairly quick turnaround. In the end I made a claim on the site (https://airfrance.franceobjetstrouve.../user/listings) which is only for CDG and a few select airports because it has now been 3 days and nothing has changed and no one has taken a report from me.

I thought the chain of custody is cabin crew if they check the aircraft after the flight or cleaning crew so it shouldn't (in theory) be too hard to locate. Because it is an electronic device I cant claim it under my insurance.

Has anyone had anything returned after leaving it on the aircraft? Anyone with experience with ORD lost and found? Does anyone know the real procedure for trying to find something?

Thanks for your help!

Has anyone else left anything on the plane at ORD, did you mange to get it back. Does anyone know who actually is the best person to speak to?
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Originally Posted by ManuG14 View Post
Has anyone had anything returned after leaving it on the aircraft?
I have left behind several phones and one camera on aircraft over the years.

In no case did I ever get them back.
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Most likely explanation is that some other passenger or their kid is now enjoying it. The chances of recovering electronics are slim.

ORD, like most US airports, does not handle items left onboard aircraft. That is relegated to the carrier to handle (or not). This is listed on the ORD website guide, providing links to the appropriate place to call.

AF is correct. A small item such as that might not have been found at ORD as a thorough cleaning is not done between segments. That might not occur for a day or two, so the item could have been offloaded anywhere.

I would not worry about the insurance as few policies which do cover electronics, cover items left behind.
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