Unexpected result when changing Q fare

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Unexpected result when changing Q fare

Hi all -- I have a bit of an oddball question. I have an AF long-haul economy booking in booking class Q (a JFK-CDG round-trip), for which I might need to change the return date. I knew when I booked that this was a ticket type that would incur a US$300 fee.

However, when I went in and did a test rebooking to see what my new chosen combination of flights would cost, to my pleasant surprise the fee would only be $273 -- the $300 change fee was offset by a fare difference of -$26 (and some small tax adjustment) with a new booking code in N.

I'm not going to complain of course, but I had always been under the impression that you'd only ever pay a fare difference not in your favor, i.e. the cost would only ever be $300 or more. Is this to be expected?
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There might be fare rules requiring that any changes be booked into the same or higher fare class, but otherwise a change can sometimes result in an airline credit if the new flight is much cheaper (by more than the change fee).
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I always thought the way it works for you is the way it's supposed to work. You exchanged unused goods or services for a thing less costly than you originally paid. You should get a refund of the price difference. Airplane ticket or widget.
You will be responsible for the processing fee a associated with that transaction, at whatever cost the firm has set.
The only thing remotely unusual here is that instead of invoicing the refund and fee separately (here's your 27 refund; you owe us 300), they combined it onto one invoice with two seperate items (I assume). My bookkeeper wouldn't like that much, but maybe it's AF's way of doing things.
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Nothing neither unusual nor surprising.

Fare difference can go either way. Change fee is fixed.
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