AF BOS Lounge is pitiful.

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AF BOS Lounge is pitiful.

Spousal Unit-1 and I are, admittedly, becoming spoiled by various lounges around the world, and our recent experiences with La Premiere.

However, the AF BOS Lounge is downright pathetic. Itís dirty, dingy, with dirty flatware and silverware, spartan and menial food and drink offerings, and the entire staff is, being kind, lackluster. It seems to cater almost entirely to the Asian airlines, and the entire staff was Asian as well. Mind you, I certainly do not have any issue with Asians as some of the nicest lounges Iíve been to are in Asia. The staff here seems very lackadaisical and unmotivated ó and itís only 3:50 PM on a Saturday!

I certainly hope this lounge is slated for destruction and a complete rebuild, as most airlines are refreshing their lounges en masse.

We we could walk back to A and go to the SC, but weíre not hungry, are lazy, and would rather complain publicly as it is the Internet after all.

Shame on you, AF. Shame. This is no way to treat your La Premiere and J flyers.
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I think BOS in general is a pitiful airport, lounges and outside lounge
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Originally Posted by TheHorta View Post
Spousal Unit-1
Came here only to say I'm stealing the hell outta this
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Air France Europe Business class pillows designed by Whattaburger.

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Personally I like Logan. And the Lufthansa lounge is great.
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No clue about BOS lounges. Love Boston, dislike the airport, yet never been in any lounge there as my visits to BOS were in my pre-status, pre-flyertalk, pre-frequent flyer state of craziness.

But if we start a random ranting topic can I have the permission to rant about the overcrowded 2E K-gates lounge at CDG? What a mess it was this early morning, barely any seat available! Even the queues to the toilet were five-persons deep. But perhaps I've been too spoiled as well after my last few visits to the superb and super quiet CDG 2E L-gates lounge, so I feel your pain.

That said, the complimentary 20 minutes Clarins massage and free-flowing Laurent Perrier here does make something up though. Quelle horreur!
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