Possible flight attendant strike on January 8th and 9th, 2013


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Possible flight attendant strike on January 8th and 9th, 2013

One of the three leading flight attendant unions at Air France, UNAC, has called for a strike on January 8th and 9th.


Results of last elections for Air France flight attendants
- UNAC: 28%
- UNSA: 22%
- SNPNC-FO: 21%

Actually, UNAC was the only one of the three flight attendant unions to approve the Transform 2015 initiative, but as UNAC narrowly missed the minimum threshold to secure union approval for Transform 2015, Air France had to cancel the existing collective agreements for flight attendants in order to implement the plan.

In another twist, other Air France unions for other staff categories, affiliated with major national unions, have won a court ruling that prevents UNAC from participating in global negociations with the airline, as UNAC is no longer deemed, under French law, to be "representative" across all staff categories.

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This is a bit complicated when read from far away.
It looks like another move in a complex chess game among unions.
Apparently, UNAC is announcing a strike in six weeks (!) to complain about a court decision granting the request made by another union to cancel the "representativeness" of UNAC.
Apparently AF sided with UNAC on that issue and UNAC supported AF on Transform 2015.
Apparently UNAC is now opposed to Transform 2015.

I have three questions, now that UNAC is not a "representative" union any more:
- How does it affect the past approval of Transform 2015 by pilots and technical staff.
- How does it affect the prospect of getting Transform 2015 approved by PNC.
- How does it affect negotiations for Transform 2015 and a new Convention Collective at the company (AF) level?
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My head is spinning...

UNAC stopped agreeing with AF because AF stopped agreeing with UNAC, because UNAC representatives were withdrawn by request of another union? And that's why they go on strike? Or what? Please enlighten me!

If this strike goes through and I'd ask a particpant why he/she is on strike, what would the reply be?
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Another AF strike? et alors?
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For those who read French, here is the court decision in question:

it looks pretty final as the Tribunal is following the indications of the Cour de Cassation (the highest court in France). I do not know what are the implications.
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