AF - Premium Voyageur Class Combination BRU-LAX via CDG

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Question AF - Premium Voyageur Class Combination BRU-LAX via CDG

I will have to go to LAX around 11/14 December 2012 from BRU via CDG.

BRU (train) - CDG / (one night in Paris) then continued CDG>LAX Outbound
In premium voyageur : W and A (S would do too)
This is fine.

BUT Returns LAX > BRU via CDG is absolutely packed in Premium voyageur on any date between 15 and 25 DEC , (W and W) and very expensive.

As this will not be "ok" in terms of fees/tarifs for work, I will have to book a comback in full economy (which will be a pain!)
I check on their website and for instance M (longhaul eco) and Y (train eco) would be in acceptable tarifs/rates (altough already expensive)

To your advice :

1/ Could i combine an outbound on PremiumVoyageur and the return in Eco with these rates ?

2/ Do you have another suggestion idea ?
The outbound is really fine and premium eco is totally fine, juste the rate on the return is too expensive , you have a suggestion on somethings smarter to work on ?
It'll be my last status flights of the year so i would like to stay on AF / ST.

Also if this helps i will probably stay in Paris for XMas holidays (the final segment CDG BRU) is not that important, (aside that by train i could also anyway easily validate the "segment" without actually "boarding")
I'm open to suggestion on the return Part.
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Last month I was planning to get a similar combo (ex AMS, not BRU) and the AF call center calculated the price somewhere north of 4500 r/t.

just my two cents...
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I would do the following:

1. AFAIK the A and M-fares can not only be combined with each other, but you can even combine them with all AZ, KL and DL fares between BRU and anywhere in the US to form roundtrips. So you could check if the other carriers offer a suitable return for you, maybe even a cheap one in Business that is priced similarly to the M-fare. And maybe from a place close to LAX.

2. If all these options don't work out, see if an award PremEco seat or a Business seat becomes available close to departure and upgrade your M-fare with miles.

Finally, as you regularly seem to have questions of this type, you should consider getting a subscription of or paying a travel agent.
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Hello and thanks for the infos !! : )

Ok for the info on the impossible fare combination, totally overbudget. Thanks for this. I'll forget this option then.

Very good idea for a return from another close location (SFO/San Diego etc.) would do, and i'd be ok... I am looking this up.

Or eventually "crossd" tickets ? witch i'd use in the future 2013 etc? (but given the modification fees, i'd sounds hard to combine it safely as I have limited visibiliy so far in advance.

Ok thanks for the site, i'll have to look, cause it's true , i'm sorry to bother often with these flight advices but, i'm still very lost and confused on the rates/policy etc and hard to find a reasonnable deal, or actually at least a not too bad combination/travel solution.

I call AF quite often but rarely fiind a trick unless i (stop/transits when i can for status flights etc) or to "cross tickets" as i often have the same route, sometimes it's cheaper , even if you loose one travel... rather than full price/last minute economy. (i think you call this open jaw)

When i look on each airlines site (KLM/AZ etc) in my zone (base is VIE or CDG) , i don't manage to find something better. or to see the code shares directly. (aka i lookied on the return LAX to CDG on AZ : it gives me LAX-JFK/JFK-ROM/ROM-CDG.
Whereas i guess there are "alitalia selling seats/quotas" on a "real" AF flight LAX-CDG, right ? Perhaps more competitive rates than a normal "own market" AF rate ? (or am i on the wrong on this ?)

Like for the LAX returns i have to enquire further.

How do could i learn better the system or the "Art of flying" as you have here or at least the basis for a start if someone volounteers to mentor me ! or someday in a ST lounge in person ! i'd be happy to pay for a lesson in VIENNA )) (no kidding)
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