SE Conga Line

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SE Conga Line

In the spirit of celebration... following ab320's lead... jumping from 60k last year to 160k this year, I'm glad to start over from 0 soon and erase temptation of a 40k MR for triple miles! (40k + 40k SE bonus + 40k threshold gift!) We could also call it the IKK Conga Line :P celebrating it sticking around!

1 ^^^ (new, E for 6 years)

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I am here Number 1


SE 6 of last 7 years -- dropped down to E for 1 year.
This year 120K plus - all business.

For those unsure ... the premise is:

How many current Aeroplan Super Elites frequent this board ?

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Might be nice to specify if you are new this year. If not how long have you been SE?

I've been Elite for about 10 years, and it never occurred to me to take a shot at SE until I joined FT. And here I am, a newly minted SE! ^
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Like Margarita Girl I have been Elite for the past 7 years. Came close last year but made it to SE by a wide margin this year.
Flyer Talk helped me understand by taking to other members.
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Have been SE in every year since it came into being in 1998.

Was only Elite this year for a few months but with 120K no problem back at SE this year and for 2008^
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Made SE in July


Made SE in July for the first time. Came in handy as i was able to book two Exec. First Class tix to the UK at the last minute! Currently at around 130,000 Q Miles.

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Have been SE every year since the late 90's I think - definately 7 or 8 years in a row.
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7 years elite, dropped to prestige begining of the year got back to elite by April and SE by December
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I've been SE for the last 5 years now, E before that for a few years.
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SE x 2 years
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11 Almost SE paid for 2009

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E for 4 years, SE for last 3 years


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13 (+2 due to duplicate 10 above)

SE for 3 years, E before for 2 (since moving to Canada)
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2008 will be my 3rd consecutive year as SE

Made it on 97 segments in 2007
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I've been SE for the last 5 or 6 years - this year was 90% personal, where all previous was business travel.
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