Posted vs Credited Flight Segments

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Posted vs Credited Flight Segments

Right now I am sitting at 48 flight segments with two more flights planned next week. That will bring me to 50 and instant Elite prior to the October 15 deadline.

The problem is that I have only 47 flights credited as one flight on my flight pass was not credited in late June. I applied online for the missing credit and 2 months later got the rejection email indicating I would have to send the info by mail, which I did, and wait another 6 weeks, taking me to the end of October at best.

With the two flights coming up, I was considering adding a segment to one flight thereby having 3 to top me off, obviously at a cost. Prior to doing this I called Aeroplan and a great agent helped me out. She contacted the credit department who credited the flight to my account. She did indicate however that the flight segment may take 4 weeks to post. She assured me that I would make my elite status, however I was not entirely convinced that I would hit the instant elite by October 15. I really don't want to wait until February 2008 for Elite status as I have a major trip planned for late December.

Will the 'credited' flight be recognized by the system and grant me with instant elite after the next 2 flights are posted or am I hooped?
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