E75 Problems


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E75 Problems

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem?

I just came back from a weekend trip to Washington. Flew YYZ-DCA-YYZ in E75. Well i was supposed to but it didn't turn out that way. So here's the deal....

On the YYZ-DCA route we had an E75. We were late pushing back because the Captain had to shut everything down to try and clear a false indicator they were getting. It took about 10 mins to do a complete computer reboot. After the rebooted we began to pushback and get into position for taxi. Well the reboot didn't fix the problem because we then returned to the gate. The capt said a mechanic was called to come look at the problem. He was there in about 10 mins and fixed the problem within 5. We were ready to go but had to wait for the gound crew to come back because they left to launch another plane. There were there in 20 mins and an hour after our regular departure time, we were pushing back for out flight to DCA.

On the DCA-YYZ route we also had a E75. This time everything seemed fine. We pushed back right at 2000 when we were sked to depart. We began to taxi to the active and were about halfway when we turned off the taxiway and returned to the gate. The pilot said the same thing as the 1 at YYZ said, there was a false indicator and it needed to be fixed. They said that they had to contact the AC mechanics and we should be underway shortly. After getting ahold of a mechanic they shut everything down and rebooted the comp. The problem was this didn't clear the problem so they called for a mechanic at DCA.

While we were waiting i was talking to the very nice FA. I asked her if this was common with this aircraft and she said yes. Said said it seems to happen all the time lately to an E75. She said that AC is one of the only airlines in the world to operate the E75 in a cold climate and it seems to be affecting the aircrafts. But she said the reboot usually fixes the problem and this was the 1st time it didn't. While i was talking to her i saw the mech. arrive. They tried a quick reboot but it also didn't help. We were still sitting there while they were looking at the problems. It was getting on 2130 when i saw another AC CRJ arrive at the gate next to us. I joked with the FA and if it comes down to it we could just take over that plane. She just laughed and said it shouldn't come down to it.

I was listening to my iPod when i looked over and noticed another AC CRJ had arrived. At about 2245 i saw another AC FA come onboard and do a head count. The FA i was talking to went to the front to see what was going on. On her way to the back of the plane she said to me that we might be changing planes. I said you're kidding me, that was only a joke. One of the reasons why i made sure i was taking a E75 is because i'm a tall guy and CRJ are too crampped for me. At 2300 the capt said the problem wasn't going to be fixed anytime soon and we would be changing planes to the latest one that arrived from YYZ. We all got off and walked over 1 gate and boarded the CRJ. It was just generald seating and we could sit anywhere. I guess the reason why they did the headcount was to see if we could all fit on a CRJ. It took about 10 mins to refuel and we were pushing back at about 2315 and were in the air 5 mins after. While in the air i heard someone say to the FA that i guess we don't have to worry about these planes in cold weather because they're Canadian made. It was a little weird seeing 2 FA's on a small CRJ but both the J and Y FA's from the E75 came with us.

We landed in Toronto at 0020. I'll admit that it was the fastest i've ever been through YYZ because T2 was empty. Only 1 more flight was due in after 0100 and that was from Detroit. I guess the customs guy just wanted the day to end because he didn't ask me any questions. He just took my PP and my slip, stamped it and gave it back.

So that's the deal with my adventure this weekend. The comment the FA made was a little shocking. Wouldn't Embraer test their planes in a cold climate? It was going to happen to the ppl sitting in J? They paid for a J ticket but didn't get to use it because the CRJ-100 doesn't have any J seating.
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Every manufacturer does cold weather testing - the A380 is in Iqualuit as we speak. But there are software issues with the Embraer 175 and 190 that are affecting those aircraft, and I don't believe it has anything to do with cold, but is a reflection of system bugs. JetBlue is having similar problems with its 190s. The latest I've heard is that the bugs are being worked on, the programmers for Embraer and their avionics suppliers are doing their thing, and these issues will be fixed progressively over the next couple of months.
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I had similar reboot issues on a CR7 in Thunder Bay last week, which the pilot said is becomming a semi-regular thing.

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I'd guess (more like "hope") the e75 is a new aircraft thing, and hey, although it was on an RJ, at least you got home that night.
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Every new aircraft has "teething" problems....this too shall pass.
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Originally Posted by airbus320
Every new aircraft has "teething" problems....this too shall pass.

Agree. I recall seldom if ever getting the intended CRJs back in the late 80s when these were introduced for a while on the YYC-YEG-YYC shuttle. They were always going technical and we either ended up on a DASH8 or a CP flight. The latter was always preferable as one could then claim flight credit on both carriers...
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Interesting thread. I've experienced the system re-boot delay on several flights out of DCA on the E75/90 series. I thought it was just me.....

Fortunately in my case all of the glitches were resolved with a quick re-boot. Teething problems or not, I still prefer the additional head and leg room to the flying cigar tubes from Bombardier, so I will grin and bear it!!

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Originally Posted by dmak
I had similar reboot issues on a CR7 in Thunder Bay last week, which the pilot said is becomming a semi-regular thing.


The E190 is being called the E180 in the US for obvious reasons.....

It'll get sorted out.....eventually.
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I've experienced the system re-boot delay on several flights out of DCA on the E75/90 series.
That also describes a recent experience of mine (and another FTer on the same flight) on an A333.
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On the way out on Tuesday (in my lovely DH1), there were 4 or 5 E75's parked over by the AC hangars.
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