The "THANKS Concierge!" thread

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Had a customer flying YVR-YUL last week, with a couple of hours wait in YVR.
I called the concierge, asked them to allow her into the MLL, and offered to either
mail in a cert or drop one off when I passed through next week.

The concierge gracefully made all the arrangements.

Thank you!
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Friday 13 OCT at YUL. The YUL concierge team seemed to be at full complement last night: Jon S, Nathalie Z, Dyane T and Louise-Andrée.

Thanks to Jon for working on a ticketing issue for my return flight. Nathalie arranged for a guest of mine to be able to come and meet me in the MLL without any hassles as she also looked after getting bassinette seats for a colleague and wife returning from holiday with babe-in-arms on AC870.

Dyane and Louise-A were their usual jovial selves as they joked about M. Ignatieff's derogatory comments about AC this past Sunday evening on SRC's "Tout le monde en parle " (short item from Tuesday's Le Devoir)

A possible future PM of Canada saying what unites Canadians is their disdain for AC..... Brilliant.....

Anyhow, thanks to the YUL concierge team for their usual friendly service.
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Was booked YYZ-ORD-LAX last week. Suddenly my AC E175 flight to ORD was delayed by 2 hours due to technical.

I approached the concierge (first time I've actually talked to one) and she helped to put me on a direct flight that got me there 25 minutes earlier than planned. Plus I got to spend an extra hour and a bit in the lounge.

The best part is my luggaged arrived with me.

Thanks very much!

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Originally Posted by NordsFan
Dyane and Louise-A were their usual jovial selves as they joked about M. Ignatieff's derogatory comments about AC this past Sunday evening on SRC...

A possible future PM of Canada saying what unites Canadians is their disdain for AC..... Brilliant.....
It sounds like this guy takes as*hole pills...and they work.
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Rather than starting a new thread I'll post my praise here.

A big thank you to Jeanette in the international MLL in YVR.

I passed through on Friday (8th December) on my way PDX->YVR->LHR on AC854. When I got to YVR I went and had something to eat in the Asian restaurant near to the security screening entrance to the International departure area and then made my way to the MLL.

It was only once I'd boarded my flight to LHR that I realised I was missing my book. I went back to the MLL to look for it and didn't find it. I explained to Jeannette on the way back in what I was looking for. On my way out she asked it I'd found it and I said "No, I think I must have left it in the restaurant land side." She then told me to wait there and went and got it for me. Brilliant!

One happy traveller.
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FRA concierge team.

I was on the 11:10 FRA-YYZ a couple of weeks ago.

Had a very, very, very rough day the day before. Set my alarm for 9:30. Went to sleep at the FRA Sheraton.

Alarm went off, woke up.

To my utter dismay, the clock on the TV read: 10:30.

In my muzzy state the day before, I had calculated the time as if I was in LHR rather than FRA.

Leapt out of bed. First call, as I'm madly throwing clothes on, is to the FRA concierge. "You'd better run."

Mad dash across the lobby and bridge into FRA.

Very long security line. No sign of the "first class" line that was mentioned to me.

So I cut the line

Passengers in FRA, bless them, don't even question me. They must have assumed that as they were all following the rules, I was too, and knew what I was doing, and it was what I was supposed to be doing

Concierge on the phone. As I pick up, I see him on the other side, BP in hand.

Through security.

The BP includes my upgrade.

On the plane, five minutes later, the door closes, and I get home, much to the utter relief of the rest of the family after the bad news we have all had.

Thank you so much to the team in FRA. ^ ^ ^
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Is that Andrew, the Australian Concierge in FRA? He's always very helpful.

I have my own story to add from yesterday. When I checked in at LHR the agent had a file note to call the Concierge. A couple of minutes later, Donna arrived to ask if I would like a single row seat (5K). I opted not to take that, so she offered to block off my adjacent seat in row 2. When we were waiting to board, she came by again to say that my assigned seat didn't recline and moved me to another seat. That's beyond the call of duty, and I'm very grateful.
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I was a bit skeptical with the whole SE privileges/secret handshakes however I am now a believer.

The good: Two weeks ago, my flight from LGA-YUL was canceled due to bad weather. I was going to get ready to head out to the airport when I got a call from AC notifying that my flight is canceled and I am now protected on the next morning flight and "BTW, we put you in J as a courtesy". You have to know that this is the first time that I have flew AC non-J that I got a call when my flight is canceled. I can get used to this.

The bad: I have flown enough to know to check the status of the flight before heading out after a delay. So an early morning check next day confirmed that the flight I am supposed to be on is also canceled. I called AC and was notified that I was re-protected on a later flight, this one is on a CRJ so no J.

Last friday, my flight from YYC-YUL was also canceled and I was protected on the later flight. The AC concierge in YYC saw the cancelation and rerouted me on an earlier flight through YYZ and save 1h30 from the flight that I was protected on. The best thing is my upgrade were also cleared on all legs too. Thanks Lawson.
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LHR team. As always: ^^^

A couple of weeks ago I had a very long week: YYZ-NAS, NAS-EWR, EWR-DUB, DUB-LHR and (planned) LHR-YYZ.

Lack of sleep, needless to say, and something I needed to be back for on Friday evening/Saturday morning.

As I pulled into Marks & Spencer / Tesco on the Friday morning, I got an alarming message on my blackberry: "AC***, please call about your flight today. LHR concierge."

Sure enough, it was cancelled, and, being Friday, all J cabins were full on all other flights, non-stop or otherwise, despite trying to route through YOW, YUL, YVR, YYC, WAW, FRA, CDG (i.e., other airlines also), etc.

Finally settled for 12D on a flight through YOW, only to find out there were to be 150 school children occupying the rear cabin (first day of UK school holidays).

Steeled myself for this

At the airport, while we were looking for other options, one of the excellent concierges approached me and let me know that they had managed to find a way for me to get home in J so long as I could surrender my upgrade certificate. No worries there.

This was after a lot of computer work, talking with other colleagues, talking with other travellers about their plans, checking missed connections, etc.

All in all, a big ^^^

Especially as that back cabin was a mess. I had a look when I went to the lav, and it was everything one could fear it would be with 11-12 year olds travelling en masse!

Days like this, you remember why SE *IS* valuable: IROPS.

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Originally Posted by Simon View Post
Days like this, you remember why SE *IS* valuable: IROPS.
28JAN CDG-YUL AC871...travelling with 2 business associates who are both E.

We push back about an hour late at 1130 (late inbound aircraft) and begin our taxi....on the way out Captain comes on to say he has a warning for an overheating (sticky) brake and that we will go back to have a look.

We taxi back to the parking area at T2A...the Captain informs us that the mechanics will have a look and he'll give us more information in a bit....he does just that and tells us that they will jack up the wheel to make a is now 1300 (0700 in YUL) and we will definitely be mix-connecting on YUL-YQB at 1330.

I asked FSD if I could make a call; he said "No problem"....I called the YUL concierge office and spoke with Louise-Andrée and informed her of the situation....she said "we're already on it" as the CDG concierges had sent an e-mail a few minutes previously...I asked her if she could also assist my two E companions and she said "of course".

When we arrived in YUL at 1500 or so, my cellphone rang as we deplaned at Gate 52, it was one of the concierges advising me that Philomena and Dyane were at the carrousel waiting for us with new BPs and baggage tags for the 1600 YUL-YQB flight.

As we pulled the checked bags off the carrousel, these ladies re-tagged them...once we were done we rushed off to the cnx baggage counter landside (where we encountered some unforeseen problems having to do with an earlier QK IT melt-down that day) the end we went out on the 1730 flight whereas the other pax connecting off AC871 to YQB were protected at 1830 or even later at 2000 and 2230.....

Once again, the concierges in YUL and CDG came through and got the job done ! ^
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I should add, for balance:

A big to most of the people I dealt with in YOW.

I had asked a Concierge to meet me when I arrived so that we could deal with the final leg back to YYZ. No such luck.

The first person I met with in YOW told me that I was in good shape for keeping my upgrade YOW-YYZ.

Got to the gate, met by snooty AC agent signed in as YOW64265.

NO, You are NOT getting an upgrade. She should NOT have told YOU anything. I control the upgrades, and I just did them.

I had to come back off the plane due to a misplaced passport, and he was still nattering on about "that guy" when I got back off, even though I just accepted what he had to say and didn't raise a fuss.

Leave it to the other type of AC staff to end the day on a low.
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I'd like to share my experience last summer of a lady named Mary at the YUL MLL. I was coming in from LHR and after a couple of business meetings in YUL, was time for me to fly back to YVR and she seemingly was there for me through out that day until I boarded the flight to YVR.
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YYZ -FRA Saturday Feb 17.

A million thanks for your polite listening, expressed concern, and, I believe, an appropriate, very fast response to my concern. Sorry, I can't mention your name as there was another conciege at the gate who wasn't so forthcoming (perhaps there was a misunderstanding?) and the last I want to do is publicly pit one concierge against another.

Excellent service!
^ ^

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I want to thank Cynthia at Calgary!!! Last Monday I had a car accident early in the morning driving to Calgary airport from Banff on my own, it was early in the morning, skidded on ice and ended up in a ditch. It took a while for someone to stop and help me out [long story] and I was quite shaken and upset. I managed to call the conceirge at Toronto [the only # I had in my BB] and he called ahead to Calgary to let them know I was going to be late on my plane to Vancouver. I was so upset I decided that I really just wanted to go home to Toronto, I eventually arrived at Calgary and Cynthia was a superstar, and helped me through my upset and calmed me down and got me on a flight to Toronto. She and her fellow conceirge [who's name i forget] were just wonderful and told me that I should have called them and they would have helped me find someone to get me out of the ditch! I really cannot express my gratitude to them.
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Thanks to all the concierges I never see -- working behind the scenes to get me where I want to go faster!^

Like today when I called to get earlier flights (outbound and return) on Tango Plus fares on oversold Jazz flights YYC-YEG-YYC. Got boarding passes on both flights (one on arrival at the desk and the other I had to wait for the plane to load before the GA issued the lone boarding pass). I have yet to be charged for any same day change since becoming SE again. That has involved at least 8 same day changes.
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