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canzoom May 10, 22 8:59 am

Aeroplan Status Extension 2023 through Co-Branded CC

Seems this applies to all Aeroplan CC...

gigafishing May 10, 22 9:07 am

This is great! One thing I can't tell is if the 500 points for $2k spend/month earned on the Chase card will also count as points from purchases. Gut is no because they are "bonus" points but it's not completely clear to me.

TheCanuckian May 10, 22 9:13 am

Members who earn 30,000 points through an Aeroplan co-branded credit card by November 30, 2022, will have their Status extended through December 31, 2023. Even better, Aeroplan will retroactively count points for this offering going back to January 1, 2022.
So what kind of spending does it take to earn 30,000 points? Just spending $30,000?

Bonaventure May 10, 22 9:13 am

So I should have burned my dragon's hoard of points instead of giving AC $20k of badly needed cash.

So much for incenting loyalty.

gigafishing May 10, 22 9:14 am

Originally Posted by TheCanuckian (Post 34237417)
So what kind of spending does it take to earn 30,000 points? Just spending $30,000?

Depends on the card, what you purchase, and the category point multipliers. It's not a certain spend amount, it's the points you earn from purchases. So I could qualify with $10k US on just restaurant purchases for example.

TheCanuckian May 10, 22 9:16 am

Originally Posted by Bonaventure (Post 34237420)
So I should have burned my dragon's hoard of points instead of giving AC $20k of badly needed cash. So much for incenting loyalty.

That's how I feel too. A lot of people spent a lot of money to achieve status through other promotions. Now many will be getting it for spending they'd have done otherwise. I now have very little incentive to fly AC through the rest of the year (beyond working my way toward a million miles and the other minimal perks that come with it).

What I'm wondering is if promotions like this are really all about the pandemic recovery or if they are just the way things are going to be now. It has never been so easy to gain and keep status.

It's hard to imagine a scenario in which there aren't just an inordinate amount of people holding status—and even advanced status like 75K and SE—next year, and therefore fighting to use Priority Rewards, eUpgrades, etc.

tootsieroll48 May 10, 22 9:48 am

Secure your 2023 Status with your Aeroplan credit card
Seems pretty lucrative...

How to lock-in your Status

Earn 30,000 points from purchases1 with any Aeroplan credit card through November 30, 2022, and you’ll secure your Aeroplan Status through 2023. And there’s more good news! If you’re already an Aeroplan credit cardholder, all the points you’ve earned with your card since the beginning of the year count toward this offer.

Status extensions for members who have earned the points required will begin in July.

YULRvR May 10, 22 10:32 am

Although I happen to be one of those with status (stacked to 35k) from CC spending, and love it.... I agree with you. I've spent enough already, so I guess I'll hold my status for another year.

One point I don't see discussed often, is that people like me, who earned their status by CC spending, (and otherwise wouldn't achieve status) won't get in your way that often anyway...

Also.. with the CC we had access to the lounges already

asovse1 May 10, 22 10:43 am

Here's the promo link direct to AC's website:

Wow, I guess my EDQ progress on my 25K account can just stop, I've earned enough.

And since I had the fire to keep going another 70k EDQ (albeit this time it'll be in US$), I might as well head over to the Chase branch down the street and open a card for this promo...

EDIT: there's a lot of fuzzy details on what accelerators might count, especially when considering retroactive spend. I have an idea of what they're trying to get across (yes to the natural accelerators, no to the one-off dining accelerators on the Chase and AMEX cards), but like with previous promotions, I'm left wishing the wording used was more explicit.

All base earn from spend on your Aeroplan credit card made between Jan. 1, 2022 and Nov. 30, 2022. That includes evergreen accelerators on certain categories, including purchases on Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations
First time I'm hearing "evergreen accelerator"...

YXU May 10, 22 10:58 am

I love this airline.

Benner May 10, 22 11:21 am

Quite the generous promotion.

I'm at 15,000 SQD and was going to make sure I hit 20,000 to secure SE for another year. I guess I don't have to do that now as the only value would be to unlock another priority reward (which would only be worth it if I was really close to the threshold).

It is kind of weird that they haven't announced any additional incentive for those that actually hit the status thresholds. Perhaps we are such a small group of people that they figure it isn't worth it or they don't feel it will drive significant behaviour / value.

Or perhaps it's a big present to the FIs as it helps illustrate the incredible value of the cards which will make TD/CIBC/AMEX happy. They might be the most important Air Canada customer now :cool:

Bohemian1 May 10, 22 11:22 am

From the T&Cs:

This offer is addressed to members who have not yet requalified for Elite status in 2023. If you have already reached the published number of SQM, SQS and SQD required to maintain your Elite status in 2023, your status is safe regardless of this offer or how many points you earn via your Aeroplan Credit Card.
In other words, those of us who actually flew to requalify basically get nothing from this promo.

Once again, I assert that this is not a frequent flyer program, it is a frequent spender program.

rankourabu May 10, 22 11:25 am

How do you know how many "points" you've earned so far?
Is everything marked EDQ counting?

YXU May 10, 22 11:28 am

Originally Posted by rankourabu (Post 34237810)
How do you know how many "points" you've earned so far?
Is everything marked EDQ counting?

No, EDQ counts 'bonus' points (sometimes welcome bonus, often accelerated spend rates, which are both excluded as per T&C). To check how many points you have you have to go through each statement since January and see how many "Base" points you earned and them up manually.

Nitehawk May 10, 22 11:43 am

I was gonna fly a bunch this year, but now I'm thinking about getting another credit card instead.

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