Question: 2 Pets per passenger?

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Originally Posted by codfather View Post
My personal opinion is that animals should not be allowed in the cabin ... period. But unfortunately, AC does not fully agree with this viewpoint.
My personal opinion is that most domestic animals should be allowed in the cabin and that customers should be able to purchase a seat for their companion animal.
It is understandable that there is a 1 passenger 1 companion animal rule as the same conditions apply to that passenger as a person who wishes to travel with multiple infants or multiple incapacitated passengers. In the event of an evacuation, it is difficult if not impossible to safely evacuate multiple dependents.
Should an animal in the cabin present a medical risk to a passenger, the passenger should not be traveling. The reason is that a person who has a companion animal at home and who is in proximity to the passenger with the medical condition, presents a greater risk than an animal located several rows away. The passenger with the medical condition has no way of knowing if the adjacent passenger is covered in dander and animal proteins. The at risk passenger could have a medical episode inflight. Therefore, such a passenger should not travel unless that passenger is able to manage such a condition.
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Originally Posted by codfather View Post
A friend of mine was told by AC a number of months ago that she had to switch flights because they had too many pets in the cabin. I haven't heard of this before, so I ask, has anybody else?
Do you mean that they switched because they weren't allowed to bring their pet on board a particular flight? There is a limit to how many pets are allowed in the cabin on each flight, depending on the aircraft. It's either 2 or 4, I believe.
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try to go to other forums with flights and write there, and maybe if you don't find a person who agrees to take a cat, then just like that someone will respond) good luck to you
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Quick update finally!

I managed to find a friend to fly with me during these times and we arrived back to Vancouver earlier this week.

Check-in was painless and the agent never actually asked for any health certificate/documents. I asked for a 'private/enclosed' security screening which they were happy to agree to, but no security agent seemed to actually know how or where the typical room was. Eventually they led me downstairs and we used a storage closet - interesting experienced.

No one seemed to care that I was carrying both my cats at all times, even on the plane when me and my friend sat apart, I was able to keep 1 cat under the seat infront of me and the other next to me (the seat next to me was empty of course).

Vancouver cats now

Was definitely a stressful experience for me, but they seem to be adapting well. Thanks FT for all your advice and a special thanks to those who offered to fly with me or provided me with some direct info over PMs.
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Glad it worked out. Are they grey persians?
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Originally Posted by FlY2XS View Post
Glad it worked out. Are they grey persians?
Thanks! They're both Siberians.
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