AC showing good character

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AC showing good character

The main reason why I respect AC so much is because of how they act in irregular situations. Other FTers have described this in other threads. Here's the best comparison of AC to other airlines.

4 years ago, my sister got sick in FRA on an overnight layover. Severe ear infection and a written do not fly note from the FRA clinic. I was flying on a $4000 ticket in LH J (well, booked in Z), with a party of four. They charged us $500 plus fare difference per person to change dates. No compensation or help offered whatsoever. We had to stay for four extra nights, and spent over $8000 extra. On top of that, it took four hours for our bags that were tagged to YYZ to be delivered to baggage claim (13:25 departure, bags were delivered around 16:00). All we got was a cup of water at the baggage claim office.

2.5 years ago, I got sick on an AC flight to FRA (P fare on a $2100 ticket). I went to the gate for my flight to ZAG and told them I wouldn't be flying. I went to the FRA clinic and was told I could fly later that day. The AC desk rebooked me onto the later flight for free, despite the fact that I was technically fit to fly and was upgraded from P to Z class on the next flight. I wish I could send a compliment to AC, but I forgot to ask for the agent's name.

THAT is the AC difference. And for the record, I was not SE when flying AC. In fact, I was LH*S in the first case, and AC*A in the second case.

Drop down any situations where AC has acted nicely in these sorts of situations rather than screwing you over.
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Originally Posted by yyztozag View Post
THAT is the AC difference. .......

Drop down any situations where AC has acted nicely in these sorts of situations rather than screwing you over.
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This forum and FT are full of examples of great service, poor service, horrendous experiences, awesome happy experiences and lots of comparisons to other airlines (a common favourite here for a long time was AC vs UA).


There is no AC difference.

There is the company and its way of handling things (see current hot topics in this forum).

Then there are AC employees - agents, GAs, cabin crew, and others, who have the personal values to do the best they can to help. Some people have a moral compass geared to doing this because that is who they are. Others just do the minimum needed to keep their job.

As for other AC experiences, these are 2 of the more recent threads are just a few that exist, if you search.

Complement for AC

Compliment to AC for outstanding service in taking care of child with special needs
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AC has earned my loyalty

I was supposed to board the Westerdam cruise ship in Tokyo (Yokohama) tomorrow. Originally, my flight was booked Denver-Vancouver-Shanghai on AC. Spent 2 3/4 hours on the phone with AC reservations (including wait time) in a panic changing the destination to Narita when Holland America exited China. On February 6th Holland America cancelled the cruise altogether. After three attempts to reach AC, I finally got a wonderful agent on the phone. I explained the situation fully expecting to pay a cancellation fee and a credit towards a future flight. Instead, he came back on the line and said I would receive a full refund (!) because my original booking was through Shanghai and AC had cancelled all their flights. The credit posted in 3 days. Kudos to AC and I will definitely book through them again for any long-haul flight.
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I sure have had many great experience with AC, and some negative experience on airlines which I think are better than AC. The bottom line is, after numerous good and bad flights on numerous carriers, I decided to part my way from AC.

Unfortunately those bright, empathetic, intelligent, competent AC employees are not enough to offset the negativity of the company and some of their colleagues.
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For me their crews are family friendly.

When I travelled w GHT Jr alone, the FA would come and assist me with baby sitting while I used the restrooms. They will always come check up if I was okay, if I needed anything etc....
More recently, they offered GHT Jr INF a pre departure drink (milk), moved around some passengers to offer me 2 seats on lap infant ticket and when entertained them when I needed a walk.

As for booking & reservations, it allowed us to select seats (except premium seats) for free when purchasing Basic Economy.
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Do airlines have "character," good or bad, anyway? :-)
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