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Sean Peever Dec 8, 19 12:23 pm

Originally Posted by Academic (Post 31818851)
Which gate?


houseofzeus Dec 8, 19 6:05 pm

Originally Posted by Indiavictorcharlie (Post 31817188)
171 appears to be the catch all gate they (the app/website) assign a few days out to a bunch of flights. I've seen it before for yyz-yyc and yyz-yvr. I've only seen it 2 or 3 days before my flight either backtracking through the app(both old and new) on the track inbound option or on the website under flight status. It invariably switches to a domestic gate roughly 30 hours before departure. Never had it on a boarding pass though so maybe this is an enhancement I haven't had the chance to experience yet.

Yeah, I had this happen recently while already airside as well. My flight to EWR which we were already waiting at the gate for got cancelled and consolidated into a later flight, in the app this showed up as a gate change to a gate that didn't actually exist (I thought it was 161 but maybe it was 171 it was a few weeks ago...) until rebooking was completed properly about 10 minutes later. A few passengers got similar information and asked the gate agent who had been preparing for the now cancelled flight and they had no idea where it was either and led them all off to customer service...

ffsim Dec 8, 19 7:24 pm

Originally Posted by canadiancow (Post 31816433)
For the record, Sean's post is satirical.

Youíre no fun :p

Originally Posted by Sean Peever (Post 31818880)

Well, duh lol

yyznomad Dec 8, 19 10:03 pm

Originally Posted by canadiancow (Post 31816433)
For the record, Sean's post is satirical.

Buzzkill much?

So sugoi. すごすぎる!

vernonc Dec 9, 19 5:35 am

Someone needs to make some GTAA signs with directions to gate 171.

yyznomad Dec 9, 19 8:44 am

Originally Posted by rally66 (Post 31816772)
171is a gate at T1 in YYZ. Pilots do not use the terminal gate number when AC ground control tells them where to go on arrival. 171 is at the most southerly point of the international hammerhead. Probably gate E71 for pax inside.

Yep, and the pilots still announce, on occasion, that "we're arriving at gate 139" or whatever.

rage Dec 9, 19 2:12 pm

Originally Posted by global happy traveller (Post 31817764)
I recall the airport went and changed the gate numbers a while back

1 - terminal number
71 - gate number

I think most of the domestics are 140 series and lower (smaller planes). Transborders in the 150-160s, internationals 170 and then transborder small planes into 180-190s.....

Just to be confusing, there are also 200 gates in the transborder zone, on the pier off to the side. Which may make sense, because I was told (though I can't verify the accuracy of the statement) that that part of the building used to be part of T2 and is the only thing left standing from then.

thop Dec 9, 19 6:53 pm

It is complicated, largely due to the organic, historical growth and reconstruction of Pearson. An example is why there is a terminal 1 and 3 but not currently a 2.

The map of all the parking areas that pilots are directed to is part of the CYYZ charts (left as an exercise for the interested reader). It includes terminal 1 (areas 101-193, plus T1 east areas 244-272) which happen to also be gates (more on that later), plus non-gate parking areas H1-H14, one of which I've actually arrived at in the past. Also terminal 3 (areas A1A-A6, B7-B22, C24-C41), the infield terminal (521-531), parts of north apron EB (500-512), south apron EA (541-547), and the Fedex facility (601-609).

Many of those parking areas correspond to gates, and sometimes those gates have a predictable mapping to the parking areas, but not always. I believe all of the T3 gate numbers are the same as the parking area numbers, but I don't spend much time there so haven't researched. For T1, the gates between D1 and F80 are almost always D, E, or F plus the last two digits of the parking area. Once you hit parking spots 191 and 193, then they start compressing that into F82, F83, and then assign the remainder of F84-F99 to the 200-series parking areas. Often there is only one Dxx, Exx, Fxx for a parking area, but there are several swing gate areas between D and E, and E and F, and also (if I remember correctly) E82 and F82 which are very different places, the former being a bus gate in the international hammerhead, and the latter being area 191. I believe E67 is also an international bus gate also not corresponding to a parking area.

United has a penchant for showing arrivals at the parking area numbers, but departures from the gate numbers. Air Canada normally does pretty well at showing gate numbers exclusively, though as Sean notes in the original post, not always and not consistently.

I've spent too many delays wandering around T1, particularly the TB areas...

I will note that as far as I know, there is no part of the current pier forming the 200-series gates, that consists of any structure formerly comprising the old terminal 2, long since torn down, or the old East Satellite Terminal, also torn down.

jasdou Dec 9, 19 8:21 pm

Oh look, I found Sean PeeverĎs gate!

skybluesea Dec 9, 19 8:35 pm

aaahhh....the dreaded Rouge, if I see engine cowling correctly ?

jasdou Dec 9, 19 8:45 pm

Originally Posted by skybluesea (Post 31823683)
aaahhh....the dreaded Rouge, if I see engine cowling correctly ?

Indeed. This is AC1916 with service to LIS, operated by a Rouge 767.

Indiavictorcharlie Dec 9, 19 9:02 pm

Originally Posted by jasdou (Post 31823707)
Indeed. This is AC1916 with service to LIS, operated by a Rouge 767.

This maps to E71 on the inside if I'm not mistaken..
The strange thing about AC web and app showing gate 171 is that it's the only number I've noticed that is completely out of sync. Domestic flights seem to get assigned 171 with no rhyme or reason but then I haven't noticed any other 170 or 180 numbered gates show up anywhere so I'm not sure where this info gets fed into the system.

It's always 171. The mystery continues..

skybluesea Dec 9, 19 10:28 pm

Originally Posted by jasdou (Post 31823707)
Indeed. This is AC1916 with service to LIS, operated by a Rouge 767.

I checked GCMapper, and routing YYZ-LIS passes bit north of typical area of the Bermuda Triangle.

Might this flight have brought some of the Bermuda Triangle back to YYZ, and caused the hidden gate that OP could NOT find?

I think this a better explanation for OP than many have posted :)

nomadic.relief Dec 10, 19 4:23 pm

This may not garner a lot of support here, but I'm a big fan of in-airport confirmation. Ie those lovely screens shown in a post above. I know there was a lot of tongue-in-cheek sass given in this thread, but had I relied on apps and FA advice, I would have missed my BA flight 2 days ago. Departure from MUC was delayed and we we arrived a bus gate leaving me 6 (SIX) minutes from doors opening to boarding time (with passport control and security to go thru). I got FA to check my departing gate to expedite things. Was told Gate 20. Got off bus. Ran. Cleared passport control. Ran. Got thru security. Checked screens, saw Gate 6 (opposite direction). Ran. *Just* made flight (in part due to 8 minute delay where there was no bus at bus gate).

Do not solely trust apps.

yyznomad Dec 10, 19 8:46 pm

Originally Posted by nomadic.relief (Post 31826857)

Do not solely trust apps.

Don't worry, I never do. :p

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