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douglasr Nov 4, 19 9:31 pm

Okay, so we've concluded that it's an Android thing. Or, at least, it's an Android thing for the AC app for me and canadiancow.

And there's no way that this should be a result of anything I've done, searches or otherwise. The results of most of that sort of stuff should be in the cache not the "store forever" user data.

C-FMWQ Nov 6, 19 8:02 pm

Originally Posted by codfather (Post 31687205)
Interesting! I wonder why it told me the beta was full when I tried to join a few weeks ago...

Someone at AC probably decided to stop limiting the number of TestFlight downloads :D (This is actually something you can set for TestFlight apps).

MME2YYZ Nov 6, 19 8:47 pm

I like the part where they pop up in the current app and ask if you want to beta test then when you click the link it tells you they are at capacity :)

recreationaltimetraveller Nov 6, 19 10:36 pm

Looks like they just opened up new iOS slots, was just able to get into the TestFlight beta.

Jebby_ca Nov 7, 19 2:16 pm

FYI, new beta with the ability to log in via Aeroplan.

Beta 4 introduces new features, including:
- Log in with your Aeroplan
- Automatic retrieval of Aeroplan bookings
- Complete your bookings and check-in with your saved passenger details
- Standby and upgrade list
- Quick access to check-in from 'Trips'
- Rouge Player (for Gogo-powered in-flight entertainment systems)
- Bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the entire app

marchelli Nov 7, 19 2:18 pm

I was able to log into aeroplan, but still not altitude card.

Jebby_ca Nov 7, 19 2:20 pm

Originally Posted by marchelli (Post 31712646)
I was able to log into aeroplan, but still not altitude card.

The release notes do not mention anything about being able to retrieve your digital Altitude card...

canadiancow Nov 7, 19 2:29 pm

Does anyone see an update for Android? :(

ridefar Nov 7, 19 2:50 pm

Originally Posted by Jebby_ca (Post 31712641)
FYI, new beta with the ability to log in via Aeroplan.

This is a huge improvement. And it actually seems to work better and much faster than the old app. Found all my flights in a couple seconds, rather than 30+ like the old/current non-beta app takes. This dev team may actually know what they are doing.

Edit: maybe not. It picked up a couple bookings I had on hold but never confirmed from 2 weeks ago. .... And it doesn’t display seating or class of service for an upgraded international itinerary.

Bohemian1 Nov 7, 19 3:11 pm

Yeah, way faster sucking down flights for sure.

Will see what check-in looks like in a couple of days.

ecc Nov 7, 19 3:29 pm

No new beta for me...yet (via Google Play)

canadiancow Nov 7, 19 3:33 pm

Originally Posted by ecc (Post 31712883)
No new beta for me...yet (via Google Play)

I've never run an open beta through Play (only closed betas), but from what I hear, there's an approval process that can take some amount of time. I can't see a publisher like AC being subject to an insane 3 day wait, but if it's anything like the last beta, it will probably be a couple hours.

flyquiet Nov 7, 19 3:47 pm

I'm not sure what this app does for me. It shows my booked flights, after I input the PNRs. Can I check in for one of those flights? Only if I click the 3-dots "other" menu and input the PNR again.

musicmtl Nov 7, 19 6:44 pm

Originally Posted by canadiancow (Post 31712680)
Does anyone see an update for Android? :(

Downloading update now!

ecc Nov 7, 19 6:56 pm

Originally Posted by musicmtl (Post 31713521)
Downloading update now!


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