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cdncat Sep 17, 19 10:32 pm

AQD Rules; how is AQD distributed between segments?
Hi all,

Iím having some trouble understanding how AQD is distributed between segments.

I flew the first segment of a round trip flight last month, and the AQD posted is a lot lower than I expected. The first segment was J (it was the only cabin available for a last minute flight) and as such, was much more expensive than the return segment (which is Y and I have yet to take). Shouldnít the AQD for the first segment be a lot higher?

The only reason this is an issue is because Iím pretty close to E75, and if the full value of my first segment is credited, I will hit that status no problem before early recognition ends.

Am I misunderstanding how AQD works?

canadiancow Sep 17, 19 10:35 pm

Yes. The total cost of the ticket is prorated based on the distance of each segment.

WaytoomuchEurope Sep 17, 19 10:38 pm

I always thought it was evenly distributed across the segments: that is, an equal number of CPM.

I know next to nothing though, so letís wait for the lifers to show up and correct me.

Edit: Cow got in before me

cdncat Sep 17, 19 10:47 pm

Ah, Iím out of luck then. Thanks for your input!

Adam Smith Sep 18, 19 4:13 am

OP (and WTME), see this thread for more info:

And OP, welcome to FT! :)

WaytoomuchEurope Sep 18, 19 5:00 am

Thanks Adam Smith

I actually use your calculator frequently (well, for a few months until AQD passes 20k) so not sure why I didnít refer OP to that or fall back on that to be certain of the input I was giving. To be fair, I was more than zero beers in last night.

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