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codfather Sep 6, 19 2:04 pm

New redeye flight, YYZ-YYT
I was just on the AC website looking at flight options for YQB-YYT. It seems AC has a new (seasonal?) redeye flight from YYZ-YYT.

Flight AC1334 departs Toronto @ 23:55 arriving into St. John's @ 04:27...

This may just be a flight that occurs during the holiday season, but it is still ongoing as of January 5th, 2020.

Might be an easy one to get an upgrade on as a P25K if I do end up taking it. The lie-flat seats on the 763 would allow me to doze for a little bit at least!

YUL_Around_The_World Sep 6, 19 2:17 pm

From Dec 17 -> 7 Jan it looks like

Santander Sep 6, 19 2:30 pm

What a savage flight. :eek:

canadiancow Sep 6, 19 2:36 pm

Do they still have the 2255-0327?

YZF_Elite Sep 6, 19 2:51 pm

Almost every YYT flight causes red eyes it seems, or at least the airlines have traditionally wanted it that way. Whether it is really late arrivals (1am, 2am, 3:30am and often later with delays) or early departures (5am, 5:30am, 6am, etc), the flight times are often brutal. How much of this is AC/WS squeezing extra hours out of their fleet when they can't be used in YYZ and how much is required to operationally require connections is debatable, but generally speaking YYT flights are brutal. Don't miss that part of my childhood!

My co-workers now call the Newfie Red Eye the 5am departure after a night on George Street till 3am, quick stop to the hotel for bags, then off to the airport.

ACYYZ/SD Sep 6, 19 2:52 pm

Originally Posted by canadiancow (Post 31498298)
Do they still have the 2255-0327?

I was going to say I remember doing that one years -- decades ago. It's nothing new just a resurrection.

gcashin Sep 6, 19 2:52 pm

With the Max out of service, I guess that's one way to keep their aircraft utilization up and avoid having planes parked overnight. YYT usually had one very late flight that departed ~22:55 and arrived shortly after 3 AM that the Cow had mentioned, and I recall that flight had been like that for 15+ years, but looks like that may have been retimed. With the last flight arriving at 4:27 and the first flights departing at 5:00, YYT is pretty much 24/7 when that flight is running!

YZF_Elite Sep 6, 19 2:59 pm

Originally Posted by YUL_Around_The_World (Post 31498237)

Makes sense. YYT is in full summer traffic mode for that week as NLers love to go home for xmas, yet that time of year there are typically very few flights, so extra sections and up-gauges to 762/3 have been frequent over the years. PD cutting winter service and WS/AC further reductions in recent years probably mean an even greater need this xmas. I seem to recall that last year the 763 stopped in YHZ each day, but I could be wrong.

codfather Sep 6, 19 8:42 pm

Sorry for the lack of a reply, I was at work!

@canadiancow the 3am flight was removed last fall, but lately, we have been getting an AC (sometimes rouge) flight that arrives around 2:30am.

The lack of a true redeye for YYZ-YYT is interesting considering it could technically work. Leave YYZ around 12:30am arrive at 5am (sunrise during the summer!). Not that I would ever want to take it unless I had no other choice, but it would certainly work well if you had late connections from western flights.

codfather Sep 6, 19 8:45 pm

Originally Posted by Santander (Post 31498285)
What a savage flight. :eek:

It won't be as bad if I can get an upgrade! But 2 hours of sleep is still not ideal...

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