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Quick question - Amex to Aeroplan - MrsITAG

I have lots of Amex MR, and have my Aeroplan linked for the occasional quick transfer.

I note there is an option to add another account; trying. to add but getting "Unfortunately it is not possible to add a partner account at this time. Please try to add a partner account at another time or call Customer Service for assistance"

Anyone having any experience in adding another Aeroplan account i.e. spouse for MR transfer?
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I called Amex about this once. Their reply was that the name of the Amex account owner has to match with the name on the Aeroplan account so transferring to a partner is not possible.

Officially at least.
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I think the option would be to add another airline's account for yourself, not for another person.
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I have a friend who added their SE friend to their Amex account by adding that SE as a card holder on their Amex account. Once that was done the SEs Aeroplan account was added to the Amex account and they were successful in transferring points to the SE Aeroplan account.

However the next time they tried to transfer Amex points to AP, they were told it is not possible.
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