mileage run planning to reach 100K

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UA has great J fares to LIM and Hawaii (OGG, LIH, KOA) ex-YYZ, which could be ones to consider. You can fly to CUZ for not much more. Hawaii flights can be routed on lie-flats through DEN for maximum comfort or IAH-SFO/LAX for maximum mileage. LIM just got upgraded to Polaris service. None of those are anywhere near 5cpm though...
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I have better things to do with my time than construct MRs for people I don't know.

Given that AQD has been achieved, a UA P fare out of a Canadian hub, routed to the maximum extent of the rules, can probably achieve the goals in reasonable comfort.

I've flown SFO-YYZ in about 4000 BIS miles, and that's not even a generous set of routing rules.

Check the FT forums about deals, get an EF subscription, and I'm sure you can invest some time to find one for yourself.

The YYC do will put me over 250k AQM, so I'm done looking for AQM for 2018.
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Originally Posted by Commie View Post
And can I realistically get to 100K for this year, with a reasonable mileage run(less than $5K?)
Good luck with whatever you decide, but even at $5K thatís 12 cpm.... remarkably low at best of times.

In the end, Consider yourself lucky as youíre now spending more of your precious time with love ones, I canít imagine anything more important in life.
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One of these will net you 16k AQMs in relative comfort for $1339. Assuming your future YYZ-LAX trips are in Flex, that means you could reach 100k AQM for ~$2700 without breaking your back. Whether it's worth it or not is up to you.
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given you post the importance of time with your family, here is true cost for taking this on in short time you have available.

40,000 miles / 50% COS Bonus = +/- 27,000 Actual Miles Flown

27,000 miles / 450 mph avg aircraft speed = 60 Hours Gate to Gate

60 Hours GtG @ 6 legs total + 4 Hours Ground time / leg (airport process + cnx + surface access) totals 24 hours = 84 Hours Door to Door

IRROPS with Nov/Dec weather risk @ 1 x 4 hours = 88 Hours Risk Door to Door

So can you afford +/- 88 Hours out of your schedule, and this assumes immediate turn-around at destination, so add 3 more nights if you stay + local costs.

Or another way to look at this, @ $5,000 total spend, and if you value your time equally, this represents about $60/hr that you would be personally contributing to achieve your objective.

again good luck with your choice, as you only can decide if this math is worthy of your effort.
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UA has some YYZ - SYD W fares for CA $1,851all in, available for most of November; Nets you 20,000 AQM in W class. I'm not sure there is a better mile per dollar run out there (if you survive)
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Originally Posted by Commie View Post
Good question. Guess more of being a SE/100K for so many years, just the fear of not having it?
I was SE from the first year that level existed until 3 years ago. I have survived 3 years of E50/ E75 just fine by travelling more on other
airlines/alliances, and redeeming a boat-load of accumulated points. To be honest, there is nothing to lose in losing SE that you cannot
get back with $$$ , ( and often for less $$$ than maintaining SE status).
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Here's a one-off but plausible situation that potentially makes S100K worth it.

(really, it's when you need S100K the most when it counts, so a majority of the year it will be smooth sailing and then IRROPS or other shenanigans ensue and then you're thankful for having top status)

Originally Posted by zrh2yvr View Post
Speaking of 2 defective seats - - I was booked and confirmed 8 months ago for Lattitude e-Up for AC854 from YVR-LHR. . . Checked in 24 hours out - had seat (was puzzled as I was booked in 2K but ended up with 5D) - - Green checkmark on name. Then - the next day. while eating lunch on DOF, I decided for some reason to look at the app . . I nearly lost my lunch - - Why did I not have a green check any more? Also - Seat now shows as "GTE"?

So - Off to the airport I go. Ultimately, there were 2 defective seats so I was the one who was downgraded and put on J-SBY.

Long story short - - Really was downgraded. I have to trust that the order of the downgrade was correct and the others which did not lose the upgrade were at SE100 (2-3 others were also green check mark). Sat in 31G - - (Preferred seat but still - - ). Ultimately, you want to complain but ultimately it was just bad luck.

This was my first overseas economy flight in close to 20 years. If I didn't have to make it to London for a meeting - I would have declined to board . . . .

Crew were pretty nice about it and probably had some sympathy. I had an infant in the bassinet beside me, then 3 more babies within 2 rows and 6 more babies still within 10 rows. Sat beside the Lav - probably met the whole plane. And - finally - the food? wow !! What happened? It certainly has been downgraded since my last Y-Meal which was probably around 2002. I have to honestly say that it would be considered bad quality even in Prison.!!!

One thing I would say is that the seat was fairly comfortable and ultimately I did sleep for 2.5 hours.

Hopefully - never again!!!
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