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Your most memorable trip with Air Canada ?

Your most memorable trip with Air Canada ?

Old Mar 7, 18, 8:26 am
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Your most memorable trip with Air Canada ?

Mine has nothing to do with service or comfort nor quality of wine and good food.
It was simply the opportunity to experience a flight deck event which I qualify as the event of a lifetime of flying AC.
This is a pre 9/11 event when flight deck visits where allowed at the discretion of the captain.
The flight is YYZ-FRA and the metal is a 747-400. I am seated in J in the upper deck.
A good friend is captain of the aircraft and I received an invitation to join him in the jump seat.
Winter in Germany brings fog to FRA . The captain asks if I want to experience a landing.
He tells me that we will be doing a CAT 3 landing and he reminds me to remain absolutely silent and just listen to the communications.
I remember vividly the aircraft following the ILS with slight jerking corrections. The pilots were monitoring,,,,,,,but hands off
The computerized voice calling out 100 ft....50ft etc.
I remember the throttles coming back and the aircraft automatically flairing the nose and touchdown in the fog. The aircraft slowed down on the runway and the crew resumed full control .....a vehicle met us with the "follow" sign and we followed it to the gate.
In a nutshell.....my best trip on AC !!!!

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Old Mar 7, 18, 9:09 am
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Perhaps a subject of most memorable trip for good reasons would be appropriate lest this descend into normal FT anarchy?

My most memorable trip was for all the wrong reasons. My best single leg was FRA YYZ in J due to excellent service and food. Including a perfectly cooked steak. Incidentally the FRA YYZ (different trip) was one of my worst J experiences due to a particularly poor SD on a power trip. Makes a huge difference!
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Old Mar 7, 18, 9:15 am
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I find it hard to identify a single "most memorable" trip. Let alone one on AC.

If not on AC, I guess it would have to be either my first flight ever, on a DC-4. Or my first jet experience, Caravelle. Or first 707, LH FRA-ZRH-Casablanca-GIG-VCP? First AC would have been YVR-YYC, when they still had real cutlery in Y... I don't quite remember my first AC overseas J flight even. Around 1998-1999, not sure if FRA-YYC or CDG-YYZ or whatever?

I do remember a business class UA flight around 2000, ORD-FRA, when an FA gave us a bottle of champagne when we arrived at FRA.
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Old Mar 7, 18, 9:16 am
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Best AC flight - LHR - YVR (in PY). Absolutely best service ever, better than most J trips I've taken.
Best flight ever- British Airways with my parents when I was 5 years old and trips to the cockpit were encouraged. I went twice
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Old Mar 7, 18, 9:20 am
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Flying on the jump seat when I was a teenager CDG-YUL on the 742 Combi in the mid 80s. Helped that my parents were best friends with the then VP Europe when AC had a huge base in Paris.

In the same era, First class possibly on the same type (definitely 747) to MIA right in the nose with the big recliner seats is right up there as well.

I mean even the Rapidair flights with full meal service in Y back then was better than anything today in Y.
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Old Mar 7, 18, 9:32 am
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A couple of years ago, I was on a tiny plane from YHZ to YYG (I think it was Beechcraft1900?). Anyhow, it had one seat on each side of the aisle and about 9 rows. The cool part was that there was no cockpit door, so I could actually look out the cockpit window during landing and see how it was lining up with the runway. I also saw when the pilot (who looked to be about 20 years old) decided that the landing wasn't going to happen, so he pulled up to circle around and try again. I wouldn't necessarily call that flight a pleasant experience, but it was certainly interesting and memorable.
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Old Mar 7, 18, 9:40 am
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B1900D flying in and out of Calgary.
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Old Mar 7, 18, 9:54 am
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My first trip in a 320 cockpit when AC was just rolling them out.

The plane had a bit of bad rap as a widow maker (due to some stupid accidents) and AC was eager to assure its corporate clients that the plane they chose to buy was a good one. In the jump seat from takeoff to landing and even got to trigger a 'test' fire in flight. Fun fact: at the bottom of the instructions that pop up when dealing with a fire, the last line is something like "land aircraft immediately.". Whenever I saw that Captain on subsequent flights, he always extended an invitation to sit up front which is also where I saw my first CAT III up close coming into a foggy YVR.

I'm not a fan of 320s now, but this first experience was one of my better rides in the cockpit and one I will always remember.
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Old Mar 7, 18, 10:02 am
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13 September 1987 YYZ-YHZ

I actually don't remember if it was Air Canada or Canadian Pacific, but they're the same now, so who cares?

It was memorable because the captain gave regular updates about the Canada Cup finals game 2, which was a doozy. Gretzky fed Lemieux for the winning goal in double OT.

Those were the days.
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Old Mar 7, 18, 10:25 am
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Great topic!

Best AC: In 2008, my wife and I flew YYZ-SCL J on points. Reassigned seats at the gate. Realized that our 767 was subbed for the new XM lie flats. My wife didn’t understand why I was so excited until we boarded and she realized we weren’t getting the Barcaloungers. Great 11 h flight.
My only flight on a DC3 in east Africa in 1995, non AC.

My first ever international J on BA in new WC upper deck 744 in 2000. This experience was very costly as it led to a number of great J trips mainly on AC over the years.

In 2006, getting my infant daughter onto NWA DC9 and DC10. The pilot came back to J, gave us wings, and a booklet on the DC10. It was his last flight and he bought flowers for all the FAs. Going to HNL “old school.”
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Old Mar 7, 18, 11:08 am
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Spring of 2001, my first trip to Asia.

My dad (retired RCAF) gave me the names of people he had crewed with in the RCAF who were now AC pilots and said that if I heard one of them announce their name to give my business card (we have a very unique last name) to the SD and ask for it to be given to the pilot and to say I know them. Long story short I got to watch the sun rise coming in towards Hong Kong from the flight deck before I had to go back to my seat for landing.
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Most memorable would likely be my first business class flight heading for GVA in 1983 (I think--perhaps it is not the most memorable). I had booked a full economy fare but they bumped me at the gate into "Connoisseur Class" which was really more akin to modern non lie-flat Business Class in those giant old overstuffed seats. Lots of free booze, including Newfoundland Screech. Had two seats in a private area all to myself. Had trouble waking up the next morning in GVA!

Other memorable trips are on Dash 8 Calgary to High Level when mainline carriers still flew there in a completely empty plane (except me) and flying in the jumpseat way up front with my sister in law doing flight attendant duty on the flight.
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i will really age myself but Canadian flight on a DC10 to asia and the Captain invited me up for a visit and i got to stay till he landed the plane.
Some AC posters who had the "hard landing" in Halifax, or almost landed on a runway in SFO should post.
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Spring, 2016. YYZ-DEL; J; Seat 1A. I was going to India for a quick visit after 10 years.
FAs were beyond amazing,. One of them helped me finish a Candy Crush level I was stuck on.
Food was really good (butter chicken was better than most restaurants),

Not much to add; it was just one of those perfect trips.
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Old Mar 7, 18, 6:03 pm
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YVR-YYJ on a 767 which was being repositioned for a charter.

Naturally, everybody got a window seat.
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