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bostontraveler Jul 4, 16 5:09 pm

767 or 777 CDG-YYZ Business- recommendation
Does anyone have any thoughts on the 767 vs the 777 from CDG-YYZ in Business? I read all kinds of contradictory information about the aircraft (some hate one with a passion, others hate the other...)
Any input would be appreciated.

172pilot Jul 4, 16 5:17 pm

With the 777 re-fit now complete, it's either old pods on the 767 or new pods on the 777.

canolakid Jul 4, 16 5:18 pm

I have flown both- both are fine in the front. Caveat- my main concern is max sleep time on the overnight flight-not food, wine or IFE. Ear plugs, eye shade, good night. During the daytime flight, I tend to be working on the computer so I avoid window seats due to glare.

The Lev Jul 4, 16 6:29 pm

Eastbound 767 - I find the old pod better for sleeping and 767 is a bit slower giving you more sleep time on a relatively short flight.

Westbound 777 - new pod is better for non-sleep activities and 777 shaves off a bit of time.

YQMYMM Jul 4, 16 8:14 pm

I prefer the 767 "old" pods for sleeping and the 777 "Dreamliner" pods for daytime flights as well.

I really hate my foot hitting the top of the footwell in the Dreamliner pod when I'm sleeping.

Jumper Jack Jul 4, 16 8:21 pm

I have flown the old pob (okay once) and enjoyed it.
My parent who frequents YYZ-PVG said he prefers the old pod and said the new design makes it's more difficult to sleep. He does however, really love the new IFE though.....

Chowtime Jul 4, 16 10:05 pm

Having flown both many many times, here is my opinion. If you're doing work i.e.. computer, the 777/787 is better as you have not only a table but also the side shelf area where you can place your laptop. This allows you to still work while having your table open for any type of meal service. This is a big plus for me. The Panasonic system and screen is much better than the 767 although the amount of programing is very limited I believe compared to the older IFE's. I still find it hard to sleep on either the 777 or 787's layout. My preferred business class seat when possible is Lufthansa's 747-400 on the second floor with a window seat where you have lots of room to put stuff and no restrictions for you feet. Not as private though but perfect if you're travelling with someone else.

agjil Jul 4, 16 11:53 pm

Originally Posted by Chowtime (Post 26870905)
...The Panasonic system and screen is much better than the 767 although the amount of programing is very limited I believe compared to the older IFE's...

I always wondered about the same thing.
Why do the new IFEs have so much fewer movies compared to the old IFE system?

As far as 767 vs 777 goes, I prefer the 767 over the 777, but the main issue for me regarding the 767 is the departure time on eastbound.
The 767 flight departs shortly after 6 pm, which is just too early for me as I cannot catch it after a full day of work.
The 777 on the other hand departs at 7:40 pm, which is the perfect time for me as I can head straight to the airport after working in my office till 5 pm and catch this flight.

bostontraveler Jul 5, 16 1:07 pm

Great input- thank you everyone. Seems like I'll end up on the 930 departure from CDG (ugh early morning with all the security now...) and the 777 later departure on the return so I'll get to try both! :-)

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