Explain your AC forum name

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Explain your AC forum name

The AC forum has welcomed many newer members. The user names chosen are interesting and even intriguing.

It is perhaps time ;for version 2 of a previous thread sharing the story behind your choice of your handle.

AC had introduced the airbus 320 to the fleet. Based in Winnipeg, my work took me to both coasts an average of once a week. Most of my domestic travel was on the airbus320 which I enjoyed a great deal.

Upon joining the AC FlyerTalk community, it was natural to use the name airbus320
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I'm a boring, uncreative person and didn't want to have to think up a nickname of some sort. I wanted to be "Adam Smith", but it was taken, even though "Adam Smith" has never posted anything and doesn't ever appear to have logged in after signing up. So I'm "adam.smith" instead

But I look forward to hearing the stories of some of the more interesting monikers around here
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I joined FT many years ago at the suggestion of a work colleague. At the time I was doing YOW-IAD-YOW about twice per month. The only choice of a/c on that route was the CRJ (I sill have a crick in my neck), and those of you familiar with it will know where 13F is situated.

I didn't put a lot of thought into my handle at the time, but I do find typing my full name a bit awkward which is why I sign my posts 13F instead of Seat13F_AC_CRJ. Perhaps I'll get around to asking for a shorter handle some day.
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Explain your AC forum name

Name of our dog at the time with an x , Luther was already taken
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A permanent resident of Newfoundland (see http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dic...english/livyer).

Thanks to this thread, I just discovered livyer is also "a variant spelling of gamma hydroxybutyrate" (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/livyer).

Great thread!
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At the tome of joining, AC did not have any 777 in their fleet. I thought they should get one, and hence I became the first 777 !!
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There was djjaguar then there was djjaguar64..............
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Was tireman77 (work-ed in tires). Didn't like the fact that posting under a pseudonym allowed people to say things they would not behind their own name, so I used...my own name.
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(I Trust)
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From Winnipeg, Jet fan. Was season ticket holder with Jet version 1. Lived in Vancouver for the last 15 years or so.
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Drunk in a window seat at V1. At night.
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For a while lived in Hastings, UK.
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Born in Winnipeg, first flight with Transair ! Moved to Japan, to Kyushu (Q Shoe). Have since left but return multiple times per year for business and karashi-mentaiko ! Can't be bothered to change my online name as I wouldn't want to become tireman #2 !
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pilotboy1985yyc = I got my pilots license at age 17, hence pilot boy. I was born in the year 1985. I used to live in Calgary hence yyc (I've lived in Halifax for 8 years now, so I guess it should be pilotboy1985yhz)
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I too, am very boring, so I hesitated between alex.ionescu or aionescu, choosing the latter, and not realizing I had made a typo (I literally type those letters dozen of times a day, and never once had this happen). I never bothered fixing it (don't even know if it's possible).
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