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yyznomad 2019-12-26 10:34:18

(Wikipost) The Official Fare Bucket Check Request Thread
Attention: You DO NOT need ExpertFlyer to do a simple fare availability check! READ LOWER IN THIS WIKI FOR DETAILS regarding the BCD Availability site.


For those of you inquiring about fare class availability but don't have access to EF or KVS, then you can use this thread to make your request.
At a minimum (mandatory), please provide:
1. Operating Airline
2. Flight Number (airport to airport name not necessary but wouldn't hurt to include)
3. Date of travel (or multiple dates for flexibility)

It may be helpful (optional) to also include:
4. The specific fare class(es) you are interested in (if applicable)
5. If the flight(s) you are inquiring about are part of a multi-segment itinerary, it may be helpful to include all segments (e.g. A -> B -> C) even if you only care about one of them.


BCD Travel Tool for Fare Availability

FYI for those of you who don't have access to EF or KVS and feel that doing your own query suffices... this is a free availability checker site (BCD) from one of the travel blogger sites:
CLICK HERE for BCD Travel Fare Availability Tool

1. The "hover over" results can be copied and then pasted to a document editor, however, you may want to manually format the results to your liking
2. It doesn't return any fare class that is zeroed out, so for example, if you are looking for "R" and it doesn't show on the returned fare classes, it simply means that it is R0.
3. This is "bare bones" and doesn't have features like alerts, saved queries, etc.
4. You can only search for dates starting from today to within 10 months from today.
5. Requires Captcha (human) verification, so it can get annoying if you're doing multiple successive queries

Example of what the hover over result looks like:

BookingClass - Seat Availability
J - 9
C - 9
D - 9
Z - 9
P - 9
R - 3
O - 7
E - 6
Y - 9
B - 9
M - 9
U - 9
H - 9
Q - 9
V - 9
W - 9
G - 9
S - 9

All times are GMT -6. The time now is 9:27 pm.

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