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I was at YHM airport several years ago talking aviation with several like minded people, when the invitation was extended to me to get "in the bed of Madonna", naturally I said yes. So up we walked to her leased 727. At the rear of the aircraft was a bedroom followed by a bathroom complete with shower. I just layed down long enough to make it a good story. Several weeks later I saw The Stone's DC-8 at the same airport. But being in Madonna's bed catches some eyes!
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OK, I thought we were done with this thread, but just had to add my one-and-only (that happened just yesterday). Flew J-class from YVR to YHZ and in the seat beside me was ..... none other than Canada's songbird herself - Anne Murray! She'd just been in YVR taping her Christmas special, and was flying home to her summer place in Nova Scotia. She slept much of the early part of the trip, but for about the last couple of hours, we had a very pleasant conversation about this and that. And yes, I got her autograph! Very exciting for me, who doesn't usually get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous!
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When I flew YYZ-YVR back in May, I sat next to Tony Whitney (of Ted & Tony). (He's a well-known car reviewer in Canada, he and Ted Laturnus have had a series of shows).

A nice guy, he was flying back from Germany where he'd been driving cars (of course). Had already qualified for SE for next year.

It's funny, every time he commented on something it sounded like a car review. Probably mostly I was associating his voice with that, although it was also the way he talked.

On boarding, he remarked to the FA that it was too hot in the terminal (which it was). Later he was looking to plug in his headset and I pointed out the jack (CP767). Now if anyone else said, "it's hard to find these, they're in a different place on every plane", you'd think nothing of it. But because of the voice and the cadence, it sounded like, "You know Ted, this trend among manufacturers to position the controls in a different place on every model is annoying and potentially dangerous; they should be able to agree on a consistent approach so that customers would know what to expect..."


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I've recently discovered this forum, and have been reading this board for the last while ... now I've decided to join the fray.

On flights to Halifax from Toronto, I've seen Rick Mercer and Heather Rankin. I saw Greg Thomey waiting to pick someone up at the airport in St. John's. David Suzuki was a few seats away from me on a recent flight to Vancouver. I've spotted the odd politico here and there in Ottawa. In Calgary, I once saw Rex Murphy in the MLL. A few months ago, I was hanging out in the lounge in Vancouver when in came Brian Mulroney. Just this past weekend, Ralph Klein was at the check-in counter next to mine in Kelowna (he was checking in boxes of local produce--which may be a violation of inter-provincial trade agreements ... I don't know ... I would have done the same if I were going straight home!).

I too have had the pleasure of sitting next to Anne Murray, this time on a flight to Moncton. I was reading my book on the plane, "The City of Yes" by Peter Oliva, in which a Canadian fellow goes to Japan to teach English. In one passage, one Japanese character asks the protagonist, since he's Canadian, if he knows who "Amari" is. The teacher doesn't understand. His friend adds "she's famous, she's a singer", and the teacher's mind clicks in--"Anne Murray!". I could not believe the coincidence. I turned to my seatmate and politely asked "Did you know you were in this book?", showing her the passage I'd just read. She was not aware of this reference and was pleasantly surprised. She graciously autographed the page in which her name is mentioned.

And several years ago, I was fortunate to be seated next to Brian Williams on a flight home from Boston (when the Jays were there). We both grew up in Hamilton, and I knew he attended my high school, but we also (as it turned out) lived on the same street, attended the same church, and became big Formula One fans--another very memorable encounter.

I know these aren't quite like an invitation into Madonna's bed, but it's all I've got.
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AirTom: Welcome to the AC forum and to FT.
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Blue Rodeo on the way from Deer Lake to Halifax on a BAE146 jet last July. Some of the band were in the front cabin with us and others in the back. They were on their way to play at a private party in Nova Scotia.
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Last Monday YYC-YYZ Donovan Bailey (long after Flyaway found him first).

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I flew YVR-YUL in May (I think it was CP metal B763) I was in "Hospitality Class" but when I got off in Dorval and was picking up my luggage the Quebec Min. of ?????? Stephen Dion was picking his luggage up beside me, I did not know that until the person who was picking me up told me but of course The Min. was in "Executive Class"

And I did meet Stockwell Day (but not on a flight) I was at a dinner reception with him seems nice.

Matt 767
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DION, Stéphane
Liberal 1996.03.25 -

Member of the Privy Council -1996.01.25

House of Commons (Constituency and Dates Elected)
Saint-Laurent--Cartierville 1996.03.25, 1997.06.02, 2000.11.27

Portfolios as Member of the House of Commons
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs 1996.01.25 -

President of the Queen's Privy Council 1996.01.25 -

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Just a few weeks ago -- Academic -- in the ORD T1B lounge.
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Hey Ken. I think that's the other way round - I don't get my byline in the G&M
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Bret Hart on a flight from YYC-FRA although he was in business and we were back in economy.

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I saw Brian Linahan (SP?) - the old City TV movie review guy - last week in the MLL in Toronto.....I would have given him my autograph had he asked......
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Funny thid should come up today! On my YYT-YYZ flight today: CBC Hockey Night In Canada play-by-play commentator Bob Cole was in J. I was in the first row of Y of course
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Flew back from YEG to YYZ on Sunday night, having won the lotto -- and even had an empty seat next to me. In the front with me were MPs Peter Goldring and Sec of State for Asia and the Pacific, David Kilgour. I noticed as Kilgour checked in at the gate, he handed over an upgrade certificate! Trust this will quiet some of you who think MPs are ripping us off by flying up front paying full J.
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