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Thanks for your responses. I fly full-fare or close to it on my short hauls, so for example $700-$800 YVR-YCG, $800-900 YVR-YCR, up to $1200 YVR-YXN. Almost all of this is on DH-100s so no J available for upgrades. If I play my cards right I can use a certificate on a Ba-146 to YXJ. New fare rules with big time change fees mean I will be paying more up front as I really can't schedule more than 10 days ahead.

I tread lightly on the land: coffee and bagel is all I get out of the MLL in the 6:30-7:00 Am time frame I use it one to two days a week. (Sometimes I long for a trip with a 2-3 hour evening layover).

For cost savings I will use WJ for Prince George or Grande Prairie when I can make the times work. But the schedule is generally the problem.

150 is a brutal number of segments to consider flying in a year for SE. Yike. I bet some senior FAs don't do that many (well, until this year maybe).
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Ungrounded, the fare structure to Grande Prairie out of Vancouver has changed. It is based on 1-way fares starting at $135.
       CAD     FARE       
   CX  FARE    BASIS    AP
 1 AC  135.00  N10OW    10
 2 AC  153.00  L7OW     07
 3 AC  188.00  Q5OW     05
 4 AC  236.00  V3OW     03
 5 AC  283.00  H1OW     01
 6 AC  320.00  BOW      --
 7 AC  320.00  C3OW     03
 8 AC  626.00  Y1       --
 9 AC  732.00  J1       --
10 AC 1732.00  Y        --
Here is a sample 1-way itin up for 3 segments:
1 AC 200N 29OCT YVRYYC SS1   700A  920A *         TU
2 AC8318N 29OCT YYCYEG SS1  1000A 1050A *         TU
        OPERATED BY AIR CANADA JAZZ                 
3 AC8310N 29OCT YEGYQU SS1  1210P  125P *         TU
or you could leave 90 minutes later and do 2 segments if segment count doesn't matter. Here's the fare:
YVR AC X/YYC AC X/YEA AC YQU Q28.00 135.00N10OW CAD 163.00 END
FARE CAD 163.00 TAX 12.20XG TAX 11.22CA TOT CAD 186.42
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Boy, has that changed. Shows how WJ's competition has challenged AC on some routes. I was flying to Grande Prarie regularly in 2000-2001 and the AC fare was close to $700.00. When I was last there a couple of months ago it was on AC (Jazz) fare was ~$300.00 (basically same as WJ w/ better schedule).
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The more I read about how the AC Elite level is worthless, the happier I am I switched to LH M&M earlier this year. In the last 4 months alone, already but 35K of Q miles into that account.

Could be SuperPrestige if I wanted to, but that would mean I might have to value AC - something I refuse to do. Most of my flights are on UA now. (and Canjet of course)

If you want to experience good customer service from an airline forget Air Canada and try CanJet or WestJet
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