my 2013 flying stats

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my 2013 flying stats

I think I've finished all my flying for 2013, so I went through and added up my flying for the year -- my first year of having AC status (albeit a mere P25K).

Miles flown: 31007, of which 28253 were on AC, 2044 were on LH (AC code-share), and 710 were on AA (bought using Avios points converted from my RBC Avion card).

Miles flown in J: 16149, of which 15012 were AC e-ups, 427 AC op-up, and 710 were "paid" (the AA trip bought with Avios).

AC e-ups used: 34/34. (20 from P25K, 4 from a flight pass, 10 from passing 20k.)

Success rate in getting e-ups: Out of 8 trips I wanted to upgrade, 5 cleared at booking time (M flight pass, flexible schedule, busy route -- I selected flights based on R space) and 2 cleared at the gate (one announced, the other handed to me as I boarded).

30358 AQM, 17 AQS.

Extra spending to get "status friendly" tickets: ~$1500. About $1200 of this is from the east-west flight pass I bought (I didn't really need the flexibility of M fares since I always knew many weeks ahead when I'd be flying, and there were always much cheaper seats available; the real advantage of them for me was the upgradability) and $300 is from booking a more expensive AC TATL instead of a LH route with 50% mileage.

Extra spending per hour of AC J: About $50.

Given that I'd be happy to pay $50/hour for LMUs (if I ever saw them offered that cheap), I'd say having status -- even lowly P25K status -- has paid for itself this year on the basis of upgrades, even before considering the MLL, priority baggage, and all the aeropesos I wouldn't have earned if I were a non-status passenger buying tango fares.

In 2014 the situation might be quite different though, given that (a) several fare classes moved from flex to tango, and (b) I'm not expecting to do enough YVR-YYZ travel to justify a flight pass. Time will tell...
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