Confusion re. group tickets/segments/points

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Confusion re. group tickets/segments/points

Will be travelling with my son's soccer team to Florida and Mexico on UA as assistant coach and chaperone. A single travel agent is handling all of the bookings for the entire team to ensure that we all travel together, parents other than coaches are not permitted to travel on our flights. I was happy to find out that we will be flying UA (UA supposedly won with the lowest bid) but a little surprise to be told by our team travel agent that she would not need our frequent flyer numbers as the UA group tickets are not eligible for points or segments towards Aeroplan. I also cannot have a ticket number ahead of time to add in my *A status details as this is a group ticket. BPs will simply be provided to us when we get to the airport and check in as a group.

Does that agent's comments make sense?

Can I still get segments and points by submitting a missing miles request after I returned home.
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I know these type of arrangement is very common in the Travel Package offer from the Travel Agent in HK. While I do not recall ever heard about this in Canada (Toronto in specific), but I think it is possible they have such things exist when they negotiate the rate. But I think you can call UA and have the phone agent look up your ticket by you provide your flight time, to and from city, and your name.
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